Hose kit for Benchsoure Annealer

  • Can someone tell me where I can get a hose kit for the Benchsorce annealer that will allow me to hook up to a normal size propane bottle like is on a grill. I sick of fooling with these little one pound bottles. I have looked and they make so many different fittings and hose ends I don’t know which one fits what. I run a single swirl torch set up so I don’t need a splitter for two torches.

  • Going from one tank to one torch head is easy. Any RV, camping, etc store will have an adapter hose that has the "appliance" fitting on one end for the torch head, and the bulk tank "POL" (old style) or "QCC" (New style) fitting on the other end. Here is one in QCC from Amazon.

    If you want to run two torches off of one tank, then you will need to have some type of tee in the system. That may be a bit more difficult to find at a store like that. Then again, maybe not. Splitting a tank to run two outdoor gas appliances is not that uncommon, so maybe it would be easy to find, I never looked. If you wanted to order it, two of the above hoses and one of these will get it done. There are a bunch of other ways to do the tee as well. This is just one easily-bought method

  • I bought my hoses at Walmart and splitter on amazon. I don’t currently use the splitter as I am using a single torch.

    I have annealed somewhere around 50,000 pieces on this first tank. I will guess that one 20lb tank will last you quite a while.

  • Thanks for the info, any kind of regulator needed? My torch has a built in regulator to adjust the flame but is one at the bottle for any reason

  • I don’t use a regulator other than the one on the torch.

  • Thanks fellas.