22 Magnum

  • What the heck is going on with these things? I have shot skunks, fence posts, armadillos and a slew of other things with one but never sat down and tried to shoot accurately with mine. I drug my CZ 455 or 452 22Mag out, whatever model it is a few weeks ago and shot it at 100 yards at a target to see what it could do and dang I was disappointed. I have a CZ 17HMR that does OK but this thing not so good. I bought some 30 grain loads and shot it today but the more I shot the worse it got. I blamed the first attempt on 40 and 45 grain loads but I don't think that's the problem. It will land two or three right where they should be and then send one off to the next county. I did put a Timney trigger in it but it needs to be lighter, scale says 3.5 pounds. I did have kind of a wind situation today being a strong front is coming but I don't know. Guess I will try another scope and wait for a calm day.

  • @bigfoot

    Yeah, I got humbled with Greg's point scale target. Don't tell him I said so....Kidding Thought my CZ 455 was more accurate than the target results suggested. I can hit a squirrel's head at 50yds just cant be sure I put it in his eye. Don't feel badly, you're not alone. I still think the CZ 455 is a pretty good shooter for the money and way better than the 10/22's I have. Even one with a bull barrel. I use the CZ and my .223 to kill time between cool down of barrels used for LD. I have to drive about 2 hrs. to get to a 1000yd. range and have to pay $50 for the privilege so I like using every bit of trigger time I can while they're open.

    If I ever decide to go up another level in .22 hardware, I'll probably look at Anschutz.

  • Yes, those targets will take you down a notch or two so it's best not to talk about your nail driver until you have put it to the test. I did have some wind yesterday and these were 30 grain bullets going at 2200 fps but I figured them being 22 caliber the wind shouldn't hurt too bad. It was almost at my back but when it swirls around the berms no telling what happens. Anyway, I thought I was good to go and by the time I got to that center square I was drifting way right. I even shot at it twice and both went right pretty close to each other. I fired one more at the bottom and decided to dial a half inch left which seemed to help but not much. Maybe the wind had me but this is pretty normal performance out of this rifle at 100 yards. It is a varmint model and is virtually new, maybe two hundred rounds through it in nine years. I suspect my scope is drifting around because I had it on a 22-250 that always had to be corrected every time I brought it out of the safe. I will set another one on it and go from there.