KRG Bravo

  • Well my KRG Bravo came in last Friday. I haven't shot it yet, but plan to this week. Once I do I'll make sure to give more updates to this thread. Over all I'm highly impressed with the quality of this chassis for the price point. The features to cost ratio is just fantastic. Going only off pictures and videos I thought it was going to feel and look real plasticity. That is not the case, the polymer on it has a nice feel to it, and doesn't a scream plastic when you see it. The inlet is nicely finished with no machine marks and nicely done anodized finish. It doesn't flex or twist anywhere. The best part of the chassis is the pistol grip. It just fits your hand so well and really allows a proper alignment with the trigger. One negative is it's short. I had to add all 3 spacers to just get it to the same length as my B&C.

    I did talk to @bear9350 before I ordered mine and he said to make sure I got the extended driver ($5.00) for the action screws. That was a wise call. KRG charges a flat $25 for shipping. SO made sure to order all the accessories I wanted with the stock to avoid extra shipping cost later on. I got the butt hook cover ($9.00) so I can try both the smooth bottom and hook to see what I prefer. I also ordered the plastic mag release extension ($9.00) so I cloud reach the mag release easier. To my door it was $427. Not a bad price at all.



    I also put together a sling for just this rifle. Using the flush cup that came with the stock and I added a Magpul M-Lok QD cup up front. I used 1 1/4" mil spec nylon, a AustrianAlpin Corba Adjuster and GrovTec QD swivels. I folded the ends over and secured them with chicago screws. Very sturdy, no loose tag ends flopping around, and a no slip adjuster. Prefect for carry, without a ton of features that most tactical slings have. I have links for all the products if someone wants them.


  • I really like how that thing looks.

  • Very nice....looking forward to your updates.

  • @rhyno Thank you. I'm really happy I got the green too. Now I need to decide if I want to paint the barrel.

  • So I finally made it out to shoot today. I’ve been traveling for work the last few weeks, and coaching my daughter on the weekends.

    I am really happy with the Bravo. As I hoped, recoil management was greatly improved. Having a stock that really fits is huge. I was able to get behind the rifle quickly and comfortably. The pistol grip made hand placement second nature. I didn’t have to think about getting my hand or trigger finger into the right spot.

    We stuck to just shooting plates and some rocks at long ranges today. I’m going to get out again soon to try some groups.