South Dakota SB58 - Allow Night Vision for Predators/Varmints


    There's the details on the bill. In a nutshell, it will allow us the ability to call predators at night in south dakota using thermal and night vision equipment with calibers less than .225 on private property. Many other states enjoy this ability already, so it isn't as if this is something new. South Dakota has been in the dark ages however. It is perfectly legal to go out at night and shoot at shadows in the moonlight with a centerfire rifle, but the current law does not allow us to use night vision.

    This bill has passed the house, and the senate... but word has it that the gov is thinking of vetoing it. THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN.
    ^^^ Use that to contact the governor and let him know that he must support SB58.

    We need every ounce of support we can get on this.

  • Looks like SB58 was signed into law!

    I'm trying to find a condensed version of the actual provisions, as a lot of the original good stuff got culled out in the name of bullshit political compromise... as always. So far it looks like we can now have land owner/occupant plus 2 guests, rather than just 1 before. We can now use centerfire rifles smaller than .225 caliber. Looks as though most of the rest of the original law was unchanged.

    It's progress. That's about all a guy can say.

    South Dakota politicians throw taxpayer money around so that pheasant habitat can be maintained, and will hire planes and gunners to go to certain areas... but they won't just let us deal with the problem on our own. The very definition of politicians wanting to control everything under creation, and wanting us to PAY THEM to do it.

  • @orkan said:

    The very definition of politicians wanting to control everything under creation, and wanting us to PAY THEM to do it.

    This should help. Comes from an old Irish dictionary.
    Politics: Latin (Noun) {poli-tic} Poly meaning many. Tic meaning blood sucking parasite!

  • So I finally found out that SB58 takes effect on July 1 2016.

    Apparently this new revision ONLY allows for the use of a centerfire with night vision. It does NOT allow you to use a centerfire with artificial light. So, you can still go shoot at shadows in moonlight with a centerfire, and you can use expensive and hard to get night vision equipment... but you can't use a red light available in any sportsman store in the country. In that case, you'll continue to be restricted to rimfire and shotgun.

    Their rationale: You might accidentally shoot a deer.


    ... because apparently poachers obey laws.


    I wonder; do these people come up with this shit in their sleep? Can a conscious person be that mindless?

  • Mindless drivel, it is one of the requisites to becoming a politician.

  • @orkan well, i've seen some of your coyotes, I suppose some idiot could mistake them for a small deer.