.308 in a metric world

  • Hi again all. Second question

    Like I said I entered that “sniper” competition.

    I’m going to get killed, and I know it- when I entered it we thought it was military/police calibers only (556 NATO , 7.62 NATO , 300 mag) now we find out its anything 300 mag and down.

    Rather than backing out, I’m determined to finish this. This means I need a new bullet to make it to 1k and perform the best it can in the wind.

    I normally load the 175 SMK in Lapua brass. These run out of balls around 900 and the rules state 1000 yards.

    I suppose what I’m asking for is what projectile should I go to? I need supersonic to at least a k, mag length loading and best wind resistance and velocity possible. I’m wishing someone can give me few pointers where to look. Running projectiles through JBM and guessing velocities isn’t very useful.

    I’m thinking 185 Berger juggernaut or the 175 TMK.

    Also starting point for those loads and what to expect would be great. Rifle is a R700 semi custom with a 22 inch 10 twist barrel. No can or device yet.


  • With a 22 in barrel it’s going to be tuff keeping the velocity up, I’d try prower pro 2000 mr. it works good in the .308 and gives a very good velocity boost over the typical .308 powders.

  • Shooting a load that's proven and a projectile which you're familiar with the flight path is likely infinitely more important than gaining a few points of BC.

  • @bull81
    Thanks for the reply. I’ve looked at power pro before, but I was under the impression it did poorly in temperature changes. Even with a good load workup I’m not sure I’d want to deal with a velocity change as the temperature swings from mid 30 to mid 70 over the course of the day.

    Thanks for the reply. Will any potential gain from a better bullet really be so marginal that it’s not worth it to switch?

    At this point the match is 3 months away, so I will have plenty of time to learn a new bullet and get a good load worked up.

    I’m not married to the 175 and I was actually trying to thing of how I could get my hands on a better chambering for match shooting between now and the match with enough time to put in my due diligence.


  • Back when I was competing, I would show up to every single event with a 18-20" 308 shooting 175SMK's and absolutely obliterate people. I beat a tremendous number of very good shooters that were running all manner of hot modern cartridges and long barrels.

    It's not ALL about ballistic efficiency. It's about having an intimate and zen-like instinctual knowledge of the behavior of your rifle and all that is associated with it.

    Round count, my friend. Meaningful and intentional round count.

    Obviously I recommend something much different from a 308 when asked about competition rifles these days... however in your situation, this applies. There will be no significant benefit in you switching projectiles unless your rifle does not shoot the 175 well. If you have a load tuned or factory ammo that it likes well... then I'd stick with what you know. Moments before a match is NOT a time to be experimenting and introducing variables. It is a time for stability and confidence building. Three months is no time at all. Not if you have tons of experience with 175 SMK's. If you're brand new and have no experience what so ever with anything... then the world is your oyster. Pick what you want and start launching rounds until you "know" whats up.

    Lots of good 30 cal bullets. Were I forced into 308 competition today, I'd be running a 30" barrel and 155's at about 3000fps. ;)

  • @orkan

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I have enough 175 SMK s to fight a war, so I’ll stay with what I have.

    I like to think I shoot purposefully, but I’m sure I could deal with some more practice.

    Do you have either a recommendation on a training regimen or a link to any articles you approve of?

  • We are having an Advanced Rifle Concepts class in may. We still have a few seats available. Love to have you.


  • @orkan

    Looks like a good class.

    Unfortunately, that’s the same weekend as the competition. Maybe the next one.