Trucker helps stop shooter targeting truck drivers in Iowa

  • A trucker under fire used his truck to help put a stop to a shooter who was targeting truck drivers at an Iowa I-80 rest stop and a Pilot truck stop in Atalissa earlier this month.
    On the afternoon of January 11, the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office began receiving reports of shots fired at a rest area off of I-80 in Lime City, Iowa in addition to reports of shots being fired from a black Volkswagen at the Pilot truck stop in Atalissa.
    The shooter, who would later be identified as 60 year old Charles S. Johnston, was targeting truck drivers first at the rest area and then at the Pilot truck stop.

  • I had a 22 caliber round pass through the sleeper behind my head on the driver's side driving through Houston .
    I though it was a rock from the truck in front of me.
    Saw the hole after taking a quick pit stop and was climbing back into the truck.

  • @hypo

    Yikes. That’s not good.


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