Weatherby Says Goodbye Cali

  • Weatherby is packing up and heading to Wyoming, leaving California and its gun laws behind. Weatherby made the big announcement today.
    To a packed booth filled with media, Weatherby employees, and eager of members of Wyoming’s business council CEO Adam Weatherby dropped the news of the impending move. Constructing a whole new facility to be opened in 2019 in Sheridan, Wyoming, Weatherby officially jumps ship from California amid restrictive gun laws hampering gun makers and gun owners.
    “This is a really exciting day for us. About three years ago after being in California for 75 years, we began a search amongst a number of Western states to find a new home for Weatherby,” Weatherby said. “It was obvious being in the state that we were in that the legacy wasn’t going to be able to continue for as long as we wanted it to. We began to look for a new state.”