NRA now blocking/banning people

  • Well since the deadline for the comment period on the bump stock ATF regulation was last night just about every time the NRA posted something (Non bump stock or ATF related) I would go in and tell people about it, and also post my thought on the NRA.

    Well I haven’t seen any of those posts in awhile and usually the NRA posts about everyday, come to find out that the NRA has blocked me, and I am not the only one, they’ve done it to many people who are trying to stop the bump stock ban, or are displeased with how the NRA has handled it. lifetime members, Even some bigger names guys like Tim who tunes the Millitary Arms Channel on YouTube.


    I haven’t like the NRA for a long time, well before the Bump stock issue, glad to know I was right here.

  • Yup I'm done with the NRA. They don't want to listen to their members and will not stand for our rights.

    GOA is the way we all should going, if your going to put money towards fighting.

  • You think Hilary or Soros or Bloomberg for that matter snuck someone in the NRA???

  • No I think the NRA has always been that way.

    If you look through history, just about any time some type of gun legislation was passed the NRA helped.

  • Any of you that have been around for more than a bit have already heard my anit-NRA rants. They are trash.

    GOA and JPFO are serious groups that are aggressively going after restoration of our rights. NRA is a shit show, filled with fudds. If you don't shoot what THEY shoot, then you are just an extremist in their eyes. ... and if you don't shoot a lever action, you don't shoot what THEY shoot.

  • Never even heard of JPFO until just now.

  • People that have had their guns taken, and then murdered by the millions... take gun rights pretty seriously.

  • I am a life member and always supported the NRA, but not any more.
    I have supported them due to the number and strength in membership that they wield politically, but not anymore.
    Along with advocacy for the NRA, I have always recommended membership in the GOA of which I am a lifetime member also.
    I advocate leaving the NRA and becoming a GOA member or as Orkan also suggested the JPFO.