Benelli M2 Tactical

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    Here is a link to it's GunHive profile

    I got a Benelli M2 a couple years back and it has been my favorite shotgun so far.

    It started out as a normal Benelli M2 Tactical

    Then it got some paint :green_heart:


    Oh yea and it kills coyotes effectively

  • Hey, I remember when I went to town on that thing with a sponge. ... and I remember when I called that coyote in for you too. ;)

  • It is not anywhere in my near future because I am hung up on precision shooting right now, but just for curiosity...why the M2 over the M4? At some point I want a nice shotgun and I don't see a whole lot of difference other than price.

  • The M4 gas system and setup makes it a lot heavier than the m2. This little guy is light!

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    @orkan yup, it is very light and it fits me well. I haven't had a single hiccup with this shotgun.

  • I tell you, I wish they'd pull their head out their butts and offer an 18" vent rib barrel!!!

    I don't know who decided that all shorter barrel shotguns MUST have rifle sights... but I truly hate that person. :facepunch: