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  • I figured I should start one of these up for myself to track my progress and hopefully gain some insight for the rest of you. I won't be able to shoot every day or even every week but I do try to get out about twice a month. Easier for me to shoot in the winter and early spring before field work starts.

    Almost 2 months ago now I received a barreled action from Travis in 6.5 CM. I threw a Timney 517 trigger on it and then slapped it in one of those KRG Bravo chassis. I started out cleaning, shooting a few rounds and cleaning etc... over a few weeks as I had time to do so. I had cleaned/ shot a few times and decided to actually do some shooting with it last Monday for the first time. I started out with a couple 5 shot groups. The second of the 2 was about a 3/8" group.


    I adjusted my zero, and then shot the Monthly target from one of the other forum's. I was having a heck of a time getting comfortable. We had gotten a couple inches of snow earlier in the day, there was a bit of wind, and it was actively snowing. Never-the-less I was pleased with most of the shots I took. There were definitely some I knew where not where they needed to be when I squeezed. But even then, now that I am shooting a good gun, it seems the bad shots aren't nearly as bad and much more predictable.


  • Saturday I got together with my brother and did some shooting behind his house. We started at 200 and worked our way out to 500 yards. Again pretty pleased with the majority of shots that I took. Most of the shooting was done at the 500 yard target. I was shooting about a 2" group with primarily horizontal spread at the 500 yard target.

    I did learn that I need to re-level my scope. It was tracking right, and I needed to keep making adjustments left as we were moving out. (There was virtually no wind Saturday and the little there was would have pushed the bullet left, not right.) I didn't want to take the time to do that Saturday though.

    I did have a few issues with feeding Saturday. Not sure if the problem is in the Bravo chassis or the cheap Magpul mags I am using or a combination of both. I had no issues with the same mags feeding the R700 308 with PTG bottom metal. I need to study that a little closer to see what is going on.

    We can shoot to nearly 600 yards from my brothers haymow. I want to build a responsive target to place on the edge of the field. The plan is to build something tall enough that we can set on a rock pile and get above the corn during late summer/ early fall. I have a design modeled up but wanted to do a little proof-of-concept before spending money on having steel cut. I did some quick fab work Friday night and cut a 6" gong and made a stand out of angle iron. I was able to ding that consistently at 500 yards and I believe it will work as intended so I started procuring parts for it this morning.

    I figure I will clean the barrel one more time now for the final barrel break-in clean (74 rounds through the barrel as of today) and then just clean when the gun tells me too.

  • You should switch to imgur for pictures. Can't see those ones you posted.

  • Joined a fairly local gum clinic today. I've been looking for somewhere nearby with longer then a 200 yard range. This place has a lower range from 25 out to 200 yards, and a second from 300 out to 600. I need to go to the long range class before using the long range. Hopefully I can get that scheduled soon. They seem to be pretty active and have a league on the 600 yard range Monday nights spring through fall.

    Did some shooting at 100 and 200 after the orientation today.

    Best group at 100 was this .18" group. I just did the last break-in cleaning last night so I put about 10 rounds through to foul the barrel before this group.


    Then backed up to 200 yards and shot this 5 shot group. I was starting to have issues by this point. It was cold, my eyes were bugging up and both glasses and scope lens were fogging up. I know I pulled the 2 low ones. Everything after this one was not so good.


    Put 41 rounds through the gun today.

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