Stupid ass mistake

  • Not sure where this actually belongs, but since I was annealing I’ll put it in the reloading section. I usually anneal one cartridge at a time, for example 6.5x47, or 223 etc... Well today was annealing 6.5 Creedmoor and then 223. I annealed 350 pieces of Creedmoor then was going to start in the 223. I have a benchsoure annealer and so I had to swap the plate around to the small holes. As soon as I finnshed the Creedmoor I shut everything down and tapped the plate to make sure it wasn’t hot and the proceeded to loosen the little aluminum nuts holding the plate in position. Let me tell you them little bastards were hot!!!!! I don’t mean wow that was warm, or oh that hurt, I mean holy shit molten lava has got my ass kinda of hot. I know have knurled shaped designs burned into my thumb and index finger that perfectly match the knurled knobs holding the plate down. Yes I know just as the title says stupid ass mistake! Won’t have to worry about this guy making it again.

  • @bull81 Welcome to the Club!

  • We all make stupid mistakes,I busted up my thumb years ago in an M14 bolt slamming shut on it.You can bet I never did that again.Smart people learn by there mistakes.

  • This is why I re-positioned my single swirl flame torch and have it at an upward angle. :)

    I figured I never wanted to get much heat on there, as it would be transferred down into the machine.

  • @orkan
    Yes I agree I wouldn’t won’t that kinda of heat transferring to the drive system either. I’ve never touched the nuts before only the plate and it’s never been much more than warm. I run one torch too but guess I don’t have it angles up high enough. Gonna have to look into that before I anneal the 223’s.