CG Extreme 2 stage trigger

  • I got hooked on two stage triggers a while back went I installed a Geissele National match in my a precision AR. I loved the control you had over the trigger break vs a single stage. I did a lot of research and came across several good contenders for precision bolt actions. Basically narrowed it down to Huber, Bix and Andy, and CG extreme. I didn’t like the fact the Huber wasn’t user adjustable, and the Bix and Andy just didn’t feel right to me. Which left the CG trigger, I’ve been running it for several weeks and am extremely impressed so far. Pretty much every aspect of the trigger is adjustable, lenght of the first stage pull, weight of first stage pull, two sear adjustments, second stage weight, and over travel. You can even adjust the first stage out of the trigger turning it into a single stage. Running it as a single stage is very comparable to a jewel. The second stage can be adjusted to various different “feels” ranging from slightly mushy to glass rod crisp, and anything in between by the two separate sear adjustments. Pull weight is adjustable from a total of 10 oz up to 3.5 lbs. most adjustments can be made while the action is in the stock making it easier to fine tune. I have mine set at a very repeatable 2lbs total, 1lb 4oz first stage and about 12 oz second stage. I’ve not had mine covered in mud or full of sand and dust but it seems to be very robust and shouldn’t be prone to failure due to field use. If your looking for a high end two stage trigger that can be set up exactly how you want then I would definitely look into the CG extreme triggers. They offer several different models the one I have is a model 22 Tactical.

  • Thanks for the experience.

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  • One thing I will note, I’m not a fan of the safety at this point. It for lack of better words is a two stage safety that feels a lot like a three position safety buts it’s not. It has a “click” when re-engaging the safety that takes some getting use too. I talked to Tom Myers the guy behind these triggers and he said that these triggers safety work off a cam and that what I was feeling and how they were designed. Something about passing the drop test for the military. It’s a small gripe and I’m sure I’ll get use to it.

  • Ive had a good bit of time behind this trigger now and still very impressed. Shot a match today and it rained on us ALL day long, sometimes very heavy rain. Every inch of the rifles were covered in water and mud. The trigger never missed a beat, and ran smooth as silk through the entire match. Obviously a personal preference but for me it helped with breaking the shots cleanly while shooting off barricades and positional shooting. One stage was a three position freehand stage where nothing other tahan a sling could be used. 3 rounds from each sitting,kneeling, and standing positions at a 66% ipsa at 300 yards. I was able to land 7 out of 9 rounds while fighting a fogged up scope, fog sitting in over the lake, and rain running down the glass on both ends of the scope.
    I bought another one of these triggers used for the .223 Travis built and had some problems with it resetting, so before I adjusted the sear I called Tom and CG Extreme and he agreed it was most likely the sear needed to be adjusted but since I bought it used offered to rebuild the trigger for free just to be safe and to avoid any problems. I think that alone speaks volumes for his company.

  • I’ve dealt with Tom a few times myself and my experiences mirrors yours. Similar path as you also. Geissele two stage in the AR. I learned more about how triggers work. In particular proper sear engagement. Looked at the Huber Concepts and like you the fixed settings didn’t appeal to me. My first CG I put in my FN PBR XP and no looking back. Tom also has different spring kits available. I run his military springs for the second stage for a 3lb total break while only being in the middle of the total spring compression.

    I’m now onto my second CG waiting to stick in a American Rifle Company Nucleus action when it gets delivered.


  • Yes they are very nice triggers, I have two of them now as well. One is the Tactical model and other is the target model. The target model have 4 levels and the Tactical only 3. I have then both set identically and aside from the trigger shoe I can’t tell a difference in them.