Good Deal on Wiha Torque Wrenches

  • If you are looking for a quality torque wrench set for actions, scopes, etc. Wiha has some of their sets on sale right now. Both sets are 10-50 inch-lb, perfect for most gunsmith applications.

    They are priced about $100 off retail, or about $30-40 off what I have seen to be normal street price. Many of their retailers seem to be offering the same prices, including Amazon.

  • @flyinphill

    Yeah...but for that price you can get fix it sticks which are very precise and lightweight. I might be convinced to buy something else...but it is either going to have to be lighter or smaller than fix it sticks while still maintaining precision

    Thanks for the heads up though.

  • @dddoo7 said:


    Yeah...but for that price you can get fix it sticks which are very precise and lightweight.

    Fix It Sticks are preset at certain torque values. A set with 5 limiters is about $160, roughly the same price. If those happen to be the exact 5 values that you need for whatever you are doing with them, then you are good. But if you need something besides those 5, they cost $40 every additional torque value you need. And that is assuming they make one in the value you need. These Wiha sets give you every possible value from 10-50 with no additional money to spend.

    Now if you are trying to have the lightest set you can possibly to pack on some hunt/combat trip, then I agree with you that the Fix It Sticks would probably be the way to go. Pack exactly the specific torques and tips for your weapon, and leave everything else. Of course you could do the same thing with the Wiha, you wouldn't have to carry the entire set with you, just what you need. I don't know what the weight difference would be. I never considered carrying them when I bought the Wihas, so their transportability never crossed my mind.

    If you need something with more than 50 inch-lb, then the Wiha sets listed above won't do that either. Wiha has different tools for that application. I have a recently calibrated and certified Snap-On torque wrench with a 40-200 in-lb range for those jobs, so I wasn't concerned about that need.

    Wiha is very well-respected in the precision manufacturing and maintenance world. Their tools are designed to operate within tight tolerances for tens of thousands of cycles in such environments. Fix It Sticks are designed to be a lightweight portable servicing kits for emergency repairs and fieldwork. Both products do what they are designed to do very well. But their intended design parameters are so different, I am not sure that it is really fair or productive to compare them. Different tools for different jobs, choose whichever one you think best satisfies your needs. I will probably have both eventually.

  • I too was skeptical of the fix it sticks longevity and precision. I used to run seekonk wrenches and Utica torque screwdrivers almost exclusively and thought I would always use the more expensive ones for bench work and keep the fix it sticks for the pack. However after running The fix it sticks through the paces I have all but quit using my more expensive torque tools. Whia is a great brand and I use their bits with most of my kits. However as far as longevity and accuracy goes the whia is maybe comparable to the fix it sticks. The fix it sticks under 45 in/lb are rated at + or - 4% accuracy for 20,000 cycles....and they will hold that accuracy (at least in the cycles I tested them). Whia is rated at + or - 6% for 5000 cycles and given the whia name I am sure they are capable of that.

    I realize that they are different tools and serve slightly different purposes, however from my experience I have found that since buying the fix it sticks I haven’t used my seekonk or Utica torque tools and I no longer see them as necessary.

    As far as particular weights go, fix it sticks makes a limiter set at almost every 5 pounds plus several in between for specific applications such as 49, 53, and 62. I realize that one would have to buy the extra limiters...but in my experience the fix it sticks will do everything a precision shooter needs in the area of torque tools at a weight far below that of the majority of other similar tools.

  • @dddoo7 you should probably find and link the torque test you did, so he can understand your experience level with the topic at hand.

  • Pics are under photobucket which completely dropped all my pics for some reason...but the article remains.

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    All the pics on that old thread display fine for me.

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    All the pics on that old thread display fine for me.

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