Lapua 300 Norma Brass!!!

  • 2018lapua-new-brass-940x788.png

    A recent development based on the 338 Norma Magnum necked down to .30 caliber, the .300 Norma Magnum was adopted as the US military’s Advanced Sniper Cartridge “for extra long ranges beyond 1 500 meters”. In addition to its military duties, the 300 Norma is sure to find favor with Long Range competitive shooters and hunters. Lapua is pleased to add this impressive case to our line!

    They have both 338 and 300 Norma coming in 2018. This is great news! I'm a huge fan of the 300 norma, and my 7mm Norma Mag Improved will no doubt enjoy this.

  • How much more top end are you getting from the 300/7mm Norma Magnum Improved over the 7LRM?

  • @hypo 150-200 FPS, with a 195 in the norma vs 180 in the LRM.

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