WTF is this about?


    What the hell is this about and what point is it suppose to make?

    I really have no idea what anyone including the players are suppose to be making a point about. I'm totally lost on this one, I have nothing, just shaking my head.

    If someone can make heads or tails of the statement they are making please let me in on it.

  • It sounds like a bunch of kids who thought they were being funny, but we're not.

    "The Wet Dream Team" isn't offensive so much, but that's for sure not appropriate either. "Coon" and "Knee Grows" is just flat out racist and stupid. Usually when this type of stuff comes up, someone is offended from being way to over sensitive. However in this case I'm glad to see the team got booted from the league.

  • Another win for the politically correct over-protective society of hurt feelings.

    Just once I wish someone would tell the PC squad to shut the fuck up.

  • I am thinking maybe you both are right and on to something. On one hand Norcal is right the names on their backs are racist and is IMO meant to be offensive their team name on the front is (for some) meant to offend also.

    Like Orkan said the PC crowd needs to shut the fuck up.

    It seems like anything you say today is offended by someone and you become a target of sorts and beaten down until you say uncle, even though nothing you said was meant to offend in any way. So as a result you don't say anything.

    It all started with the blacks saying calling them black was offensive and now you must be PC and say "African-American". You can't call them colored either it offends them. Now you have women being offended along with the gays and Trans people (you know, the really fucked up ones) and don't forget the "#metoo" movement and all that in-tails and all the historical monuments that people are saying offending them and are being torn down and destroyed.

    So maybe this is some sort of statement of sorts, like if all that offends you well how about this....

    I really don't know but that's what I make of it. Kinda like when I was little and my Dad would say "what are you crying for?!! you want something to cry about?!! I'll give you something to cry about!". Other then that I have no idea.

  • People being offended isn't the problem. People have been offended for a long time.

    The problem is that our bullshit police state and justice system take ACTION against people based on those offenses. Real or imaginary. The republic we had, is dead.

    We now have mob rule.

  • @orkan Hence why all politicians want to call us a democracy....mob rule at it's finest..