New Tikka Rimfire

  • shin1805.jpg

  • Ohh shit I didn't see this today!

  • They also are making this:

    About time someone decided to make something in the tactical/PRS class for the 30% of the population that is left-eye dominant. Wonder if they will make the 22LR in lefty?

  • I'm sure the action isn't a normal T3 footprint. So that means your stuck with the factory stock, which looks like the comb is to low. Just like every other factory 22lr.

  • With all the CNC machines and experienced programmers in the gun industry, it wouldn't take much effort to produce a chassis for any footprint rifle. Especially with all of the AR-style buttstock options now available. That is why so many companies making chassis for bolt guns have popped up recently. If the T1x is a seller, it won't take long for someone to make something aftermarket. Now whether or not what they make is any good, that is a different issue.

  • Is it a true Clean sheet design or a plastic stocked Sako Finfire?

  • I hope you can put a decent pic' rail on it to mount good rings.
    I hate messing with other puny sizes.

  • Rimfire has come such a long way in the 60 years i been shooting. It seems in the last couple of years it has really taken off with a lot of shooters, young and old.