Thermal Clip-On

  • My experience with night vision equipment is relatively limited. I have run BNVS in a helmet rig with weapon-mounted IR laser/illuminator setups in the past, and that was alright, but did not offer the precision I was looking for. Certainly was great for walking around, and were I in a run & gun type scenario at night, I think I would really like that setup. Though when it comes to vermin control, I definitely wanted something a bit more precise.

    I'd love to hear what someone has to say regarding clip-on thermal sights. I played with a few at SHOT show last year, and the Eotech LWTS was the most impressive unit I handled at that time, but I didn't get hands on all of them. I really like the idea of having a dual-role thermal that can work in front of a day optic as a clip-on, but can also be mounted as a stand-alone thermal sight with it's own reticle.

    Some requirements I'd be looking for would be:

    1. Maintains zero.
    2. When using as clip on, doesn't shift day scope zero, or is at least easy to zero and is repeatable.
    3. Doesn't need frequent calibration when in use.
    4. At least 6-8hrs of continuous battery life.
    5. Works as clip-on or stand alone sight.

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