CA changing the policy that granted ranchers automatic depredation permits

  • Mountain lions that kill pets and livestock in Southern California will no longer be automatically targeted for death.
    The state Department of Fish and Wildlife is changing the policy that granted ranchers and others automatic depredation permits for marauding cats. Now, the applicant must first try non-lethal methods to scare away or keep out the cougar, the Sacramento Bee reported Wednesday.
    A permit would be issued only after two non-lethal attempts.

  • Pretty typical, people are forced now to risk their life not once but at least twice to protect their way of live and means for providing for their families.

  • And they reintroduced wolves into far north CA. They keep on taking away hunting rights and protect the deadly predators. CA fish and game isn't ran by sportsmen anymore. It's ran by began Berkeley grads.

  • You can bet your ads none of the pencil pushing bureaucrats making these decisions has ever once had to deal with these animals face to face or had them negatively affect his livelihood. We don’t have big cats or wolves around here, but we do have wild hogs, and thank god some bureaucrat hasn’t managed to get them protected. The amount of property damage they do annually is mind blowing. Problem is the people in power making decisions don’t have hard working Americans best interests in mind

  • @norcal_in_az said:

    CA fish and game isn't ran by sportsmen anymore. It's ran by began Berkeley grads.

    Anti-gun, anti-hunting people... deciding the fate of all sportsman. This isn't just in california. It's everywhere.

    Every single state has an agency which takes our money for "permission" to hunt our own animals on our own ground every year... and pisses the money away on who knows what. They certainly aren't properly managing any of the animals they think they own.

    It's all just a big political shit show, just like everything else government gets involved in.