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  • I don't know exactly where to post this being this is a tool not a firearm but what exactly it's use will have to be played by ear as they say. I don't know how many times I have said"If I just had a lathe I could fix that". Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have one sitting in my shop to do all those neat little projects I dream of. I called my cousin to wish him a merry Christmas and out of the blue he asked me if I knew anyone that wanted an old 10" lathe because he was getting rid of it in case he sold his place and didn't want it to go to a junk dealer. Boy I flew on that like a dog on a bone and all I have to do is get it here. I went and checked it out last week and he has tons of tools and it's in real good shape. He never abused it and has been sitting idle for many years and no rust to speak of, plenty of dust though. So what do you do with a lathe ? I don't think I want to do anything like reaming chambers or threading barrels with it. For one thing I don't know how and second I doubt the results would be good if I did knowing the capabilities of an old Atlas lathe. Maybe some kind of neck turning use or making modified cases for a Hornady comparator set up. I made small parts on a Jet bench lathe before so it's not exactly new to me but I am going to have to spend some money to get it to the level the Jet was on. Like I said he has lots of tools including a turret set up and a tool post grinder. He said he ground bearing races with it at one time and keyed shafts so it has a milling attachment also. I hope he has a quick change tool post laying around there I didn't see or I can already see a couple of hundred bucks headed for Amazon at the least. Man I wish I had saved some old Mauser barrels to practice on, used to have them laying everywhere. I have one project for making a screw for my 513 when I get this thing cleaned up and running and that's about it. Stay tuned.

  • I got a simple project for you. I want a spacer to eat up the room between my presses shaft and the bottom of the CPS lite. That way I don't have go threw a full throw on the lever when I'm priming.

    Turn one end to match a shell holder, so it will slip into the press. Then on the other end drill a hole for the CPS ram rod to slip into.

  • @norcal_in_az
    That's funny you mention that, I have an extended #3 case holder I tried and then realized it needs a hole like you say for the rod. I don't think I can drill the one RCBS made, a file won't scratch it so that would be a good starter project. I hope I can get loose and meet him at his place next week to wrestle it on a trailer. He has an engine hoist in the barn we can get it out of his shop with and a front end loader if I decide to haul it in my truck. I couldn't budge one end of it but he has the bottom full of tools.

  • @bigfoot I've been thinking of going to a machine shop and seeing about having one made.

  • I need to find a source for 12L14 steel or Ledloy as we called it for little projects like the spacer and for sure some aluminum stock. I don't know if aluminum would hold up for a spacer. I guess the right grade would.

  • Aluminum would work fine for the spacer. Your not putting that much pressure on the CPS.

  • Brought it home this weekend. We couldn't locate the tool post grinder, don't have the slightest idea how to use one anyway. I got two boxes of various tool holders and other gizmo's to play with.

  • @norcal_in_az
    I made the spacer you mentioned today with the lathe I picked up but Imgur was down so maybe tomorrow I will have some pictures. I only had a small piece of 1" aluminum bar stock I found so it's kind of short. I went out to the welding shop here and picked up a longer piece of aluminum stock today so I can make a longer one when my new tool post comes in. Man, my hats off to the old machinists that used the lantern style post that thing is a bear to use and I don't know nothing about grinding tool steel. I found a set of 1/4" indexable cutting tools at Harbor freight to make this first one with the lantern post and used the Craftsman parting tool to make the groove. Lot different from the lathes I operated several years ago. I found a piece of 1" 304 stainless bar stock on the floor at the shop also I am going to try tomorrow. I bet that's going to be a slow process. Might even try out the knurling tool also.

  • Oh man this is exciting!

  • @norcal_in_az
    I did a little cleaning and tightened everything up as best I could. I had to make a new gib strip for the compound and most likely will replace the cross gib as well. The adjustments are bottomed out but most of the movement was in the screws. I don't think I will do a restoration just use it like it is.

  • Let me know what I owe you for one.

  • @norcal_in_az
    This one is not quite 1/2" longer than that RCBS extended holder so when it's mounted in my Rock Chucker it shortens the stroke some but it can be a lot longer. I just didn't have the material but I do now. If you want this one you can have it pm me your address and if you want a long one give me the length you want after you get it. If you have a long one that puts you up close I'm not sure if you will have the same leverage not that it takes a lot of effort to seat a primer but what feels the best is what we are after. When I get the other tool post I can make two at a time and find a piece of 3/4" stock instead of 1" I can make them a lot easier. I don't have any idea what grade of aluminum this is so after going in the ram several hundred times it might get a little sloppy. I did drill a clearance hole in the top.

  • I applaud your ingenuity. An item like this would definitely help!

    We're presently out of stock of the CPS_lite, and we have no immediate plans to do another run. While cost effective, seeing the lengths that customers go through to save a couple hundred bucks has hardened my resolve.

    The full CPS is the future. It is the current state of the art in cartridge case priming. The compromises in the lite model may have been worth it to some, but they are not worth it to me. The number of phone calls we receive regarding the setup and operation of the _lite model is staggering compared to the CPS.

  • @orkan
    It wasn't my idea, Norcal threw it out there and there it is. I got the extended holder to do something with pistol brass but never used it and tried it with the Lite and realized it didn't have the hole. I don't know what to say about your decision regarding manufacturing of the Lite, that's your call. It's a nice piece of equipment and light years ahead of the alternatives in the hand held market and press mounted units as well. The full CPS definitely appeals to buyers that are not the casual reloader and they probably passed right over the Lite to purchase it. This is most likely the last one I will buy and the only one I will use, period.

  • @orkan I completely understand your position on not wanting to make more. Sadly to often people that buy something that has a cheaper option, but want the benefits of the more expensive. I want a full CPS and understand the trade off I made with getting a lite.

  • I absolutely love my CPS! No longer do I despise priming.

  • @bigfoot It wasn't meant as a slight toward you. Simply a factual account in that however happy you are with the _lite, the CPS is so much better that it's difficult to put into words.

  • @orkan
    I took no offense it's just I figure it will outlive me and hell there ain't a better one with exception of the CPS. Who knows I might get a wild hair up my a$ and buy one.

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