Clinton's again?

  • The narrators voice drives me nuts but bare with it. True or fake news you decide. Hell have no fury like a Clinton scorned. Their history is long and jaded. Seems to happen to alot of people that take issue with or have been part of their actions.

  • That sounds like a computer generated voice and not a real person. I doubt that story really aired on any news channel.

  • So in related news their bedroom caught on fire.

    I’m guessing Hillary isn’t unplugging the lamps she throws at bill anymore.

  • People will eventually evolve past this bullshit that consumes the world right now.

    When they do, they will look back on this period of time as the most corrupt the world has ever seen. Corruption piled on top of corruption, everywhere, and any time anyone tries to fight against it, the system destroys their lives while everyone either looks the other way or actively helps destroy them.

  • @orkan

    I think the system is OK its the people in it that need to go. Look at the recent ruling by the FCC regarding internet neutrality. 80% of the population wanted the rules to stay in force. These were rules that don't allow internet service providers to play games with what we get when we do internet searches. These regulations also keep ISP's from charging more if you stream video.

    I'm tired of Democrats trying to give away the farm, and I'm tired of Republicans removing regulation that protect consumers and pander to big corporations...

    Ever listen to the words Wash it All Away by 5 Finger Death Punch?

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