Ruger Precision Rimfire


    Interesting take on a rimfire. It would need significant improvements over the American series to really perform well.


  • I really liked the Ruger American Rimfire action I had. The bolt release placed on the side of the action was nice. Didn't have to pull the trigger like most to remove the bolt. Bolt throw was pretty quick but I would assume much rougher than a 40x. Plus you can find 1022 mags almost everywhere. sent it to the wayside because it wasn't threaded and I needed a suppressor host, ended up making a 22 trainer on the McRees rimfire chassis.

  • I got to fondle one of these Friday at my go to gun shop in El Campo Texas. It was a little heavier than I expected and they have a no cycle or dry fire rule in there so about all I did was give it a look. I think it was tagged $495.00, I guess that's in the ballpark. I inquired at another shop earlier in the week and they have one on order and have had some people interested as well. Who'd a thunk it.

  • I'm still thinking about getting one ... They are available on GB.

    The Tikka might be higher quality, but, not sure how to get more parts/accessories. I am 97% sure the McRees Tikka T3 stocks will work.

    But the RPR is available now and some people are liking them, though I haven't seen anyone getting 0.3 inch groups at 50yds yet! The only tight groups I've seen were off a bench rest, though I guess that means the rifle can do it.

  • I've got one and am liking it, though there are a couple caveats.

    One, is the design of the adjustable stock is such that the cheek rest is in the way of a cleaning rod and one must either remove the rest or get a very long rod and thread underneath and through to clean from the breach end. They should have designed it as a folding stock like the RPR.

    Second, I've read quite a few other's having trouble with cases ejecting and I too have had the same problem where the shells are either not ejecting of the chamber or when they do, they barely come out. I've had the same problem and have been trying to tweak the ejector and spring to get it to perform as it should. The bolt is almost the same as what's on the American action where I've taken the Cartridge Positioner Spring from my American and put it on the Precision Rimfire bolt and it does work a little better, but still not as well as it should. Though these parts are the same for both rifles, the bolts are NOT interchangeable.

    The bolt is designed where you can have a short cycle like you have on the American or you can remove Bolt Stop Spring Clip and the bolt will cycle long give you somewhat of the feel you might get on the RPR. I've tried this set up and it makes for nice practice for a muscle memory kind of thing, but with the ejector issue, the cases fall back behind the mag where I have to turn the gun almost upside down to shake the shell out. NOT FUN! So, I don't use it that way.

    So, Ruger needs to do some refining and get some of such bugs out.

    As far as shooting, this Precision RF's barrel is a target bull barrel, but it's not a "match" barrel. But it does shoot quite well with the right ammo (e.g. Center-X, Federal Ultra Match, etc). I've now got a little more than 400 rounds through it and it should be well broken in by now. I posted one of my targets in the 22LR Challenge thread, but I'll put it here again (not great, but then, I'm the shooter and was early on getting it broken in and trying to get use to it). I find I do a lot better with it than I did with my American and don't expect it to really compete with match grade rifles and barrels.

    And BTW, the trigger if VERY similar to that of the RPR and I've tweaked it to where is has the same pull and feel as my RPR with a 14oz pull with a pretty crisp break.

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  • Thanks! You've convinced me to wait on the Tikka !!! :)

    At least I know I can replace the stock on the Tikka with a real (folding) stock for cleaning!


  • Does anyone have a good suggestion on where to buy center-x? I got one of the ruger p rimfires for me/son and would like to try some out.

  • Grafs

  • Champion's Choice, Creedmoor Sports, Champion Shooters supply are all suppliers oriented towards precision rimfire Olympic style shooting. If you want Eley, Killough's Shooting in Texas is the USA distributor and he is a rimfire bench rest shop.

  • @midwestside said in Ruger Precision Rimfire:

    Does anyone have a good suggestion on where to buy center-x? I got one of the ruger p rimfires for me/son and would like to try some out.

    You might check this place out:

  • 57 cases in stock at Champion;s Choice.

    $11 per box.

    Good selection.

    Champion Shooter supply was out of stock as was Bruno.

  • I got a hold of 1 on a preorder from Brownells. Came in about 2 months after ordering.
    Took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly using brakeclean in the barrel. Moly coated the interior of the barrel using Sentry Smooth Kote. Shot it in standard configuration with a UTG bipod and a 12 power SS for first 2 outings, shooting CCI standard and Eley practice 50.
    Put on a different grip and extension as well as an Athlon Argos 6-24 scope this time out. Shoots pretty good; only negative at this point is it does not eject using the short bolt throw. 100% ejection utilizing the long throw.
    10 of the Eley at 50 yards
    50 and 100 yard targets
    I like the UTG bipod except for the hard feet; it is a M-Lok setup.