Bullets From The Bible 12-29-17

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    Timothy is a book written from Paul to a young preacher (Timothy) encouraging him and teaching him how to live and act. Much of the book of Timothy however applies to all Christians.

    1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

    Here Paul tells Timothy to be an example to believers. Meaning that even among Christians he is to set an example for them. Paul gives him 6 ways in which he is to be that example.

    1. He is to be an example in word. This means that he is to set an example for others in what he says. His speech should be Godly and righteous.
    2. Secondly he is to be an example in conduct. This means that the way he acts is to set an example for others. How he reacts when angry. How he treats others. How he lives his life.
    3. Third he is to set an example in love. This one is probably most Easily seen in his love for his spouse...but also seen in his love for his children, for Christians, for the lost, and even for his enemies.
    4. Fourth he is to set an example in spirit. Spirit is ones attitude. Many people have bad attitudes regardless of how life is really going. Many people find the horrible things in life to dwell on even when life is going well for the most part. Paul encourages Timothy to set a good example in his spirit or attitude.
    5. Fifth is faith. Faith is ones trust in God. We are to continually grow in our faith and trust in God and as we grow in that faith it will set an example for others as well.
    6. The sixth one is purity or keeping oneself from sin. Timothy was as a young man to set an example to the others of a pure life. We are to strive to live sin free and while we will sometimes struggle with sin, it should be our goal to live without sin.

    These six things are all things that we should grow in as Christians. We should become stronger and better examples in these things as time passes. Sometimes we forget that others are watching how we live. We have an influence on others and can steer them towards God or away from him just by our example.