Big metal

  • Interesting to watch.
    I saw this one fairly recently too:


  • Those big forgings are so cool.
    I always see this one floating around FB. It's pretty cool too.

  • bad cnc... bad.

    Some real cringe-worthy stuff.

  • @tscustoms That must feel like an earthquake. Hope they have hearing protection.

    Amazing what you can do with steel above the transition temperature.
    Well coordinated team of workers.

    Smart guy designed the tower for the worlds largest trip hammer.

  • This is one I took at a customer when I was a city driver. Craven lathe.

    40' bed and 72" swing.

  • German methods....... To Techno

  • @orkan
    We had an Englishman in the Job Shop I worked in that kept us on our toes. He fired his lathe up one time with the chuck wrench in the chuck. We didn't have the kind with a spring that prevented this. Flung it to the ceiling and across the shop. Bad thing there was a brand new Harrison cnc lathe directly in the flight path with a nice Alpha control panel on it like a target. Missed it and the Englishman too. He had a couple of other things come loose but they just rolled across the floor. The boss man had a couple of wrecks with a cnc mill, usually a tool making contact without the spindle running. He punched a 6mm drill bit right through a piece of 1/4" plate one time but it wasn't at all dramatic, just snapped the bit and the machine faulted out when the spindle bottomed out on the plate. I was pretty lucky I only caught a vise one time with an end mill moving the table with the power feed. Broke the end mill and pushed my vise sideways. Hit a couple of parallels with drill bits, sure pisses you off. It seemed like my boss man had more wrecks than we did, guess he did ten times the work. At least it was him that crashed into the chuck on that Harrison lathe, I never got the chance. One time he knocked two Kurt vises off of the big knucklehead mill I ran and twisted the head sideways messing with some kind of aluminum piece from the plastics plant we worked for. Glad I wan't there for that. Last time I saw him he still had ten fingers but one has a big chunk out of it from a little brass gear he made for machine called a flame trimmer. Don't ever underestimate the power of a cordless drill when it's turning gears.

  • 40 years ago i worked in a steel mill and it was like walking into hell every night when i went to work. My job was to shovel magnesium into the furnace and hold a 20 foot long piece of 1" pipe fed by oxygen,to cut up the crushed cars that were fed into the furnace.That job sucked.

  • You Did it though.
    You had responsibilities.

    I think modern society has crossed the point to where more people would riot and loot if they were hungry instead of working an honest but strenuous job to feed themselves and their families.

  • I did it alright,I came from a blue color christian family and if you did not work you did not eat.I thank the lord every day for giving me the strength and providing for me.After that job came a 30 year railroad job doing everything from laying track down to building bridges.It brings me to tears what has happened to this country and all the hard working americans that worked a life time so the liberal government can give money to all these aholes who do not want to work and have no problem hurting people to get it. God Bless America

  • In just a few short years the country went from begging for a job, to begging for money, to demanding money.