Chronograph for handgun load?

  • Is it possible to use a Magnetospeed on a handgun?
    One of mine has a lower rail.
    I really don't want to buy a cheap Chrony just for handguns.

  • I have not tried it, but magnetospeed does have a rail attachment adapter

  • I have used the v3 on a handgun. One thing I did learn was I had tuned my load to barely meet minor and when they shot my load at a match I was 5 FPS to slow to meet minor and got to go home early.

  • Ah. I may have the opposite problem.

    Those loads of 147 I did last weekend seemed a bit hot for published starting loads.

    The CZ has a short leade compared to offer brands and OAL was a bit shorter and I am worried that my scale is off some too.

    Chrono and a complete set of check weights are the next purchases.

    Backing off of the powder this next small batch. 5 at a time per powder weight.