SPEER GOLD DOT Secures US DHS Contract for 120 Million Rounds

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    SPEER GOLD DOT Secures US Department of Homeland Security Contract for 120 Million Rounds


    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), recently awarded Speer a major ammunition contract. Starting delivery in 2018, the contract provides for up to 120 million rounds of 124-grain, 9mm Luger Gold Dot Duty ammunition to multiple DHS law enforcement components and other Federal agencies for up to five years.

    This contract will provide the organization’s agents and officers with the legendary performance that has made Gold Dot the No. 1 load of law enforcement worldwide.

  • @orkan

    I wonder if Speer has improved that particular round since I last saw this demo:

  • @straightshooter1

    he does raise some concerns with his test...yet it is a sample size of five bullets in a somewhat uncontrolled environment. I would want to shoot quite a few more before I completely ruled them out.

  • I carry gold dots in my 9mm's.

    I've shot a few real life creatures with them. They performed admirably.

  • 10,000 agents times 2000 training rounds a year, 20 million a year.

    Seems about right.
    So much for conspiracy theories.

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