Bullets From The Bible 12-20-17

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    Hebrews 13:3 says, "Remember the prisoners as if chained with them-- those who are mistreated-- since you yourselves are in the body also. "

    In the first century, Rome was the ruling force. They were often influenced and swayed by what the Jews wanted so as to keep the peace. Therefore Christians were strongly disliked in the first century. This is the time period in which Christians were fed to lions in the arenas and burnt in the streets. The people in prison he is talking about here are not the ones who committed crimes and are deserving of the punishment they are receiving, but rather the Christians who were put in prison because they are Christians.

    While most people view this as not happening today...it still does happen. Innocent are at times imprisoned for doing what is right. As the laws of our country rapidly change there are certain aspects of Christianity that are quickly becoming illegal. Sadly, I believe that we will see the day come when a Christian teaching the truth will be put in prison for nothing more than that.

    It is our responsibility to remember them. Remember the people who are wrongly imprisoned. Realize that we might one day be in the same place as they are. It is a scary place our world is becoming. The laws being made are not based on truth or right and wrong, but rather they are based on personal bias and political correctness. When the people of a nation turn away from God...then the people of God will inevitably be persecuted. We are to remember these people as we might very well find ourselves in this same situation one day.