Would you like to know a mistake I've made?

  • Some seem to think I'm infallible. While I do make a habit out of being right, sometimes things do not go as planned. Lack of experience leads me to make a purchase that I later regret. Yes, I do it too... and I use those experiences to help others not make the same mistake.

    I give you, the John's Guns integrally suppressed Ruger 77/22.


    Good looking rifle. Very very quiet. With CCI-Quiet ammo, it is the quietest 22lr I've ever heard. The problem is the accuracy/precision of the rifle. At the very best, it will hold about 1.25" at 50yds. Because it's integrally suppressed, rebarreling it isn't an expedient option. Because it has a tax stamp attached to it, in my name... I can't sell it without taking a beating. I can't sell it in good conscience anyway with how terrible it shoots. I've tried every trick in the book to get this thing to shoot right, but it just won't. I called the creator of this rifle and complained and their response was "what do you expect from a 22lr?!?!?" No help at all.

    Now I know. Now I know that integrally suppressed firearms are a very bad idea.

    A $1600 lesson which I haven't forgot. Perhaps I'll find a use for this thing some day. Maybe I'll transfer it to our FFL/SOT and try to sell it to someone that's looking for real quiet but doesn't care about accuracy. It's a good looking full size 22 rifle that functions fine. ... but when I have a fleet of 40X's, Anschutz's, and various other rimfires that will hammer a dime at 50yds on command... it's hard to reach for this one.

  • I’ve always thought the intergeally suppressed things were “neat” but would be a pain if you ever had to rebarrel one.

    Theres another option, wait for hell to free over and with it the probability that suppressors were deregulated lol.

  • @orkan Didn't Mike at Tac ops make an integral suppressed 22 at one time?

  • Yes, which was where I got the idea for this. I called tac ops back then and he was forward about the accuracy potential. These guys claimed theirs shot way better. I was quoted half-inch at 50yds.

  • Hey Greg; Looks like that thing shoots nearly as bad as the PWS T3 Summit I had. Told a guy how bad it shot and he thought he could get it to shoot so bought it. 1 week later he emailed me to tell me I was right. He couldn't get it to shoot either. Sold it cheap shortly after. Wayne

  • Mike used to build a green hornet on this same action. The last one being made on Tac ops supplied rifle is in production right now and already sold.

    I have always thought I would love to have one because the concept is cool. Yet Mike was clear that their accuracy performance is not at a 40x level. Therefore I have no need for one. They might have their purpose other places...but I don't need one.

    Has anyone ever tried an integral .22 pistol?

  • I have. Ported models are very quiet. ... but again, going the traditional screw on suppressor route seems to be more sensible to me.

  • I've always been interested in the De Lisle Carbine:


    But I have not done much research about the levels of accuracy.
    They mention a .22 prototype in the wiki article.

    Thanks for sharing your honest results with the 77/22.