Howa Bravo Rifle

  • Only three chamberings: 6mm Creedmoor 6.5mm creedmoor and 308

    MSRP around $1300 (which is what the HCR is currently the HCR goes up to $1500 next year almost $1600)

    I wouldn’t mind a 6mm Creedmoor for hunting/predator/truck gun with a short barrel.

    Now is a wonderful time to be in this sport, and it should only get better.

    If a guy wanted to get into PRSi think this would be a good option, one of these in 6/6.5CM with a Burris XTRii and run production league. Heck I wouldn’tinddoing that if there were more comps around/ at the right time.

  • That looks nice. I would only like to buy 308 , 9mm, 224 diameter bullets.
    M1,K31,1896/11 take the 308. Sure wish my Finnish Mosin M39 took a 308.
    What is a set of dies though, $50-$150 per caliber.
    That Athlon Helos I got from Orkan would be a match to a Howa like that.
    Barely enough internal elevation for a 308 though @ 49 MOA. Would need a 20 MOA rail for sure.
    6.5 or 6 would have more room to zero and come up for range.

  • It seems like Howa has their shit together. They know what consumers want and they're producing it.

  • I'm a bit partial to Howas.
    It sure is nice now-a-days with all the after market support they are getting.
    I need to replace some of the safe dwellers with another 223 and perhaps a 6.5.

  • @mamalukino You were ahead of the curve as an Early Adopter.

    They are moving into the mainstream now and prices are reflecting the higher quality available options.