Bullets From The Bible 12-18-17

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    As God created the world...in each phase He saw that it was good.

    Gen 1:10...after God created light, darkness, water, sky...He saw that it was good
    Gen 1:12...after God created grass and plants...He saw that it was good
    Gen 1:18...after God created the sun, moon, and stars...He saw that it was good
    Gen 1:21...after God created sea creatures...He saw that it was good
    Gen 1:25...after God made land animals...He saw that it was good

    Then all of creation is summed up in Genesis 1:31 where it says, "Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good."

    EVERYTHING that God created is good. God created a perfect world and placed in it pure and righteous people. Have you ever stopped to wonder where evil came from? Have you ever stopped to wonder where all the bad in this world came from? Bad, sin, and evil were not created by God, because everything that God created was good. Yet we only have to read to chapter 3 of Genesis to see Satan begin to destroy that which God had created. Satan introduces temptation and Adam and Eve choose to sin. At this point sin has entered the world...yet sin only entered the world because Satan took that which God created for good and he used it for evil.

    Have you ever stopped to consider that every single evil and bad thing that happens in this life is ultimately from Satan? Some struggles we face are brought on by our own sins...yet it was Satan who ultimately tempted us. Other struggles are brought on by the sins of others and again it was Satan who tempted. Yet there are some struggles we face that we often don't view as being from Satan...but rather just the natural way of life. Why is there sickness, disease, and physical struggles? I have no doubt that God can use physical things such as these for good in our lives...however they are not good things in and of themselves. Is sickness, disease, and physical struggles just another way that Satan uses to tempt us? What about death itself? If Satan had never introduced evil into the world then there would be no death. Death itself is a result of the sin and evil of Satan.

    Yet even though every sin, evil, and bad thing can ultimately be traced back to Satan, that still doesn't take away our responsibility. Eve was responsible for her sin and we also are responsible for the choices that we make. Satan has the power to tempt us...yet He cannot force us to sin. We have free will and must choose to resist the temptations of Satan and to do what is right. Yet that becomes much easier when we realize that every bad and evil thing is our life is a result of Satan and is something that he is using to tempt us.

    Choose right. Stay strong. Because Satan's time is limited as will ours be if we follow Satan.