44 Magnum Almost made it through a 5 inch Beech sapling.

  • Fiocchi ammo Part # 44A500 with a 240 GRS.JSP fired from a 4" barreled Taurus Tracker 44 from ten yards away.
    Almost made it out the other side
    Another way to split wood.
    Bullet held up pretty good.
    Beech is some tough wood.


    I shot some Swiss GP-11 into a Beech tree about 10 inches in diameter and it absorbed it with only a tiny hole on the impact side.
    It weeped some Sap for a day then sealed off.

  • @hypo said:

    Beech is some tough wood.

    The stocks on my Anschutz 54.18's are made of beech.

  • Some beech!

  • lol.

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