Great article about trolls.

  • I stopped reading after it became a hit piece against the right. Unless I missed something.

  • Refusing to view information because it disagrees with your position is a sign of ignorance. Willful ignorance.

    No one says you have to agree. Every time they mention the "right" simply read it as if they are talking about the "left." Then it will fit your narrative and you can happily agree in the echo chamber.

    The plot of the article is regarding the troll mentality, and how a sea of anonymous idiots antagonize people for fun and profit. The singular most destructive force on the internet. The one thing that destroys the genuine discussion in every single forum, comments section, and chat room. Other than Gunhive, I know of no other forum in existence that isn't trampled by a sea of idiots disrupting cordial conversation on an hourly basis.

    It's not all about anonymity either. Facebook reveals who you actually are, and people are obnoxious assholes there as well. People say things they would NEVER say if they were face to face with someone. So the root cause would seem to be the lack of consequence. People know that they can say whatever they want, and nothing will happen to them. It spans ALL generations. I've dealt with insane ignorance from 70+ year olds just as I have from teenagers.

    Look at this:

    The internet, youtube, and all kinds of magazines promote long range shooting. You have to be a sniper class shooter or you can't play, type stuff. It's all geared towards making you buy stuff.

    Take for example the fishing industry. With all the Pro fishing circuits, tv, magazine's and the internet. It's all hype. Fishing lures are designed to catch fishermen, not necessarily fish, because fishermen have money. Fish dont.

    SD numbers are imortant. Probably the most important number off the chrono. However small SD numbers dont always translate into small groups. Many times i have had SD numbers in the 30's and 40's with excellent groups at closer raange. No problem, but once a group is proven at say 100 or 200yds. Rarely have they worked well at long range with high SD's. Not every low SD groups works well even at all. Frustrating, but it does matter when the load gets right. Usually the SD's are low. Single digit if possible.

    Folks eat up long range. If your gun won't shoot 1/2 MOA at 600yds then you can't kill a coyote at stand at a random 123yds.

    If you shoot old spire point bullets, you can't shoot accurately and definitely can't shoot long range, because of the plastic tip, vld, sensation.

    Makes me wonder how we ever killed coyotes successfully before the advent of the modern time.

    This guy is literally trying to make fun of people that are trying to shoot as precisely and accurately as they can. ... on a shooting forum. As if being an old dumbass is somehow a badge of honor? It isn't hard to identify a bitter old son of a bitch when they are making posts like that. Too lazy to stay current, and rather than just happily refusing to participate... he wants to make fun of those that are pushing the discipline. The internet is FULL of these assholes. Age, location, race, creed, or financial status has no bearing on the metric either. No matter the topic, you'll find dipshits like that taking shots at people. Trying to stop people from learning. Trying to stop people from advancing.


  • @orkan said:

    Refusing to view information because it disagrees with your position is a sign of ignorance. Willful ignorance.

    Your not wrong. I should put my own personal feelings aside and be able to read it. It's just not something I felt like doing on a Saturday morning, while sitting in my PJs and drinking my coffee. I just find it funny how a writer can have such a well written article, but also bash a group of people at the same time.

    Trolls are sickening. One of my biggest fears right now is my kids having to deal with internet bullies. I have a 12yo daughter with a iPhone, and a 10yo son who plays games online. We carefully monitor their activities, but we know we can't prevent everything.

  • The death of the experts.

    That's what is taking place. The kind of resistance to truth that exists in today's world causes true experts to simply refuse to participate. People that have extreme time and money invested in discovering the truth, will not be abused by morons for long before they simply disappear.

  • I feel that if I read things that I don't agree with is the only way to really learn what you are up against and sometimes there are things in what they are saying that makes sense with what I think and sometimes things I never thought of that can be applied to what I think and believe. So read and listen people might learn something.

    Having empathy also is a good trait to have also IMO.