Why no love for Labradar

  • Just wondering why nobody here talks about using a Labradar? I’ve had mine for a year or so and love it. I used a magnetospeed v3 for a long time but sold it after getting the Labradar. I ran both for awhile and the were always with in 2 or 3 fps of each other. So I’m curious why no one here that I’ve seen uses one.

  • I've read many of the complaints, but I personally still hope to own one at some point

    If it really didn't meet one's expectations, I think it could be easily sold used for a small discount vs new.

    In addition to the remarks mentioned here:

    I've also heard owners saying:

    1. they are not very durable if they happen to tip over from wind, etc.
    2. battery life is not great without upgraded pack(s)

  • I was just curious cause I haven’t seen anyone talking about them here. My experience with mine has been great. As @orkan pointed out in the link you sent, it did struggle at times with a suppressor or 22lr until I bought the mic to go with it. After that it works flawlessly. I can’t comment on the battery life cause I have always used a cheap external battery from Walmart like you would use for a cell phone charger to run mine and it last forever. I can see where if it was set up on a tripod of some sorts being an issue for the wind but I use mine with the plate Labradar sells and haven’t had any problem with it like that. I also haven’t dropped it so I can’t comment on durability. I like being able to do load development at the same time as chronographing which was something I couldn’t do with the magnetospeed. By no means I’m I saying ones better than the other, just for my uses I liked the Labradar best.

  • If they work, they are great.

    Though I ran into too many situations where it didn't work.