NRL 22

  • Anyone been to one of these? Sounds like a club not to far from me (2.5 hours I guess might be far for some) is going to do monthly matches. Would be kind of neat to do a few, even if I wasn’t very competitive with a single shot 40x.

  • @rhyno
    I haven't been to one. I'm thinking of hosting them though. Hopefully draw in /out some local shooters that really don't have the means or interest in the centerfire precision game.
    If you gave a few buddies that like to shoot it may be worth it to put one On yourself. There is info on the nrl 22 website. Target sizes, stage setup, etc.

  • Well that’s what I noticed looking at their site they have match directions right away so I could set it up at home to practice.

    The biggest issue I see for me right now is I have a single shot 40x, but generally it’s 120 seconds for 10 shots, shouldn’t be to bad.

    I’ll have to ditch my 20x redfield scope though, it takes me that much time just to reset the parallax.

  • @rhyno

    You can get some crazy deals on S&B's right now. For some reason there are several retailers dumping them for significantly less than retail. I picked up a 5-25 with Gen2xr for $2600 a few weeks ago.