E-paper Dope Card

  • Does anybody on here have any experience with "e-paper"?

    I had seen a photo similar to this one below:
    alt text
    I thought it maybe looked like a smart phone was being used, but it appeared even thinner than the average smart phone.

    In reading another related thread on it, it appears to be "e-paper."
    Per this website:

    Down Range Systems - Home

    What really caught my attention is that it does not use battery power!
    It seems like in addition to a dope card that it would have amazing potential for a lot of other applications.
    I also don't understand how it interfaces with other devices to change the display.

    In what little reading I've done about it, it sounds like there is a push to bring color applications into the mix.

    Anyway, I obviously don't know much about it, but thought it was an interesting topic worth starting a thread about.

  • Looks cool! Never used one myself. I like the idea though!