6.5PRC - Why is there so limited info on the Internet on the 6.5PRC

  • Hi,

    I am searching the Internet every day for information on the 6.5PRC but it seem like there is only a handful with actual experience of this cartrigde.

    Is this correct or am I looking the wrong places? I am particularly interested in comparison of cases and load development and how precise it is on 1.000 meters etc

  • It's pretty new. So it'll take a while for folks to really get into it.

    H1000 with 130's and 140's is easy button. About 57-60gr worth, depending on specific barrels.

    I've shot two at distance. Extremely positive results. It certainly won't be the limitation. Turned out a 10" group at 1650yds. Taking head shots on 6" IPSC at 1000yds is really doable once you've locked onto the wind... but it isn't as if other cartridges aren't capable of that also.

    The PRC is very forgiving and has exhibited wide and easy to hit accuracy nodes. I think it will become a mainstay.

    As for why there is limited information on it... take a look what happens anytime ANYTHING new comes out. All the "internet experts" shout it down and then later when they decide to try it, then they promote it as if it was their idea. Ignorance knows no bounds and is formless.

    I've worked with it plenty, so if there's something specific you're after, just ask away. :)

  • Some good info here: