• I made another trip Friday to buy some ponderosa pine for some cabinets I have to build and stopped by one of my gun shops I buy the majority of my guns from. There was a used Weatherby 22 automatic rifle sitting on the counter a customer was buying and from the conversation I learned he was buying it back from the owner of the shop out of his private collection. We kept talking and he said he had over forty .22 rifles at one time and sold almost all of them but he wanted this one back, so he got it. About then the owner walked up and I asked if he had a 40x .22 in his collection and he said you want one? Heck, I just sold one a week ago you should have said something last time you were here. A nice one, single shot though. I go there every week, sigh. I asked him if he had anything else and he said yea, Mossbergs a few Winchesters and some more, heck I don't really know what I got. I thought that was it then he brought out a Mossberg and a Winchester 52 that was in dang good shape except for the sights. I'm kind of slow and I guess they were for sale but I didn't ask how much. Then i remembered Orkan's 513 and I asked about one of them just to look at one. We left the shop and went into another storage area that had his private stuff in and he dug around and found one. I'm still thinking this is just show and tell then he said what do you think? Want to try it out? I asked you mean like buy it, how much? What if its a dog, I want to put a scope on it at least to see what I'm getting. So I bought it with the understanding he has several more to try if I don't like this one. I think he has four more if he can find them. Four hundred smackers if I like it with an option to return it. I ran into some trouble putting a scope on though. i got some dovetail rings that are too low for anything except a cheesy little Tasco 3x9 I have so I either have to order a base from EGW or hunt some higher rings down. Another science project.

  • I was looking for rings last week and saw these from Sinclair...
    ...don't know if they will do the job.
    I ended up with XLR 34mm mediums but that rifle would need a pic rail for them.

  • Sounds like you did alright there. :)

  • EGW shows a one piece rail for this model but I don't see how this will work when the receiver tube is the same diameter and the barrel diameter is greater than the dove tail cut in the receiver. There are some rails that attach to 3/8 dove tail that have a separate clamp for one side that removes totally that might work with some mods. Might have to just use rings, I think Hawke makes some 30mm don't know about 34. i don't have any scopes with tubes that big anyway. Hope this old girl shoots, mechanically everything seems good. Barrel was junked up but some Hoppes and a couple of swipes with a bore brush cleaned it up. The outboard extractor looks pretty worn and I tried the trigger with a snap cap in the chamber, made a nice dent and the trigger is around 3.5 pounds. The manual says it's adjustable and it has some overtravel. I hope the screw is still in it. I might sneak out tomorrow and shoot it.

  • @orkan
    I hope so, I wouldn't have minded taking your deal but it sold before I even woke up the next day. The one you had looks a heck of a lot better than this one. I sure would like to see what this guy has stashed in his collection. Still dreaming about the SRS.

  • Yea I saw one of these at a gun show today, for around $550, didn’t look it over very well but it looked like a nice old gun.

    Something about those older guns they just look so much better then most things today.

  • In regards to the EGW rail it is a drill and tap operation so I will have to make a trip to my guy in Refugio for that. I don't trust myself with my old drill press. I did a couple of Mausers with a drill and tap fixture but don't think I want to mess with this one. Might just get some higher dovetail rings when I decide on a scope whether it be a 30mm or1 inch. I modified the front sling plate so I could attach a bipod and decided to level the scope to the rifle using the front sight aperture base using the bipod to level the rifle. I set a scope level on the base but when it is level the stock looks canted. I checked the table for level and it was perfect so that's not it. I leveled the scope off of the top of the scope elevation housing and when you shoulder the rifle the scope is canted. Either the front dovetail was cut out of plumb or the little base is bent that fits in it. The thing was pretty beat up and had been filed on. Damned if I know, might pull the top halves of the scope rings off and level off of them.

  • Having the front sight dovetail clocked a little (or quite a bit) off 12 o'clock is more common than we like to admit. Don't sweat it. Your receiver is dovetailed for scope rings, use them. Leupold and others make rings that will work very well with your 513T, pick out your scope and use the tip-off rings. If the receiver dovetails are not 100% 12 o'clock, level the crosshairs in the rings in the orientation you intend to shoot the rifle. I use the Leupold tip-offs on several of my 22 target rifles and if you will put a witness mark on the receiver where one of the rings sits when the eye relief is correct, you can mount and dismount the scope without losing your zero.

  • @rr2241tx
    Your'e right, lot easier to use the tip off rings. No hole drilling and like you say a witness mark and you are back to zero. I like using rails and QD rings but you start stacking all that stuff and it gets pretty tall and lots of places to get loose.

  • I resisted using the rails on my Anschutz rifles a lot at first.

    Then I finally bought some dovetail rings and I've been happy about it. Kelbly's makes some nice sets. Anschutz USA has some single screw sets which are really nice for light weight rifles such as this. I believe kelbly's makes them for annie USA exclusively.

  • I took my 513 to a gunsmith about a month ago to have the receiver drilled and tapped for a rail and also remove five inches from the barrel and thread it for my suppressor. Since the collector value if there was any has diminished from this rifle I went ahead and cleaned the stock up. Initially I cleaned it with O steel wool and paint thinner then sanded with 150 and 200 then OOO steel wool for the final finish. Spent most of a day off and on rubbing and sanding. I wanted to bring it back a little darker so I stained it with Dark Chestnut oil stain. It had some dark spots that wouldn't sand out and the stain hid them well. There is some nice grain in this stock, the other side has more character than the side in the pictures. I put nine coats of Tru Oil on using steel wool between coats and left it glossy. I have done stocks before with way more coats of oil and knock the gloss off with super fine steel wool and then buff with compound to give it more of a satin look. I got a surprise in the mail after I did this and received the trigger shoe I ordered from Taylor three months ago. It is a little smaller than the one I made so I'm going to try it, feels pretty good. No pictures of the shoe installed. I also polished a re-blued the trigger guard and magazine bottom with Blue Wonder.