ooooh, shiny.

  • Someone's got himself a new iphone X! After letting 4 generations of phones pass... I was finally forced to upgrade.

    I think I like the camera. :)


  • I haven't played with a 10 or X yet but I really think the camera's are one of the best upgrades. Hell my wife's 7 is way better than my 6.

  • I’m curious how you like the phone overall. A friend of mine bought one and traded ignition for an 8 after trying to use it for a few days. Might just take some time to get used to.

    Pic looks great though.

  • I'm getting along with it great so far. It's very fast! The wireless charging is boner-inducing. Facial recognition is on point. I wish it was the same size as my 5S. The size is borderline. If it were ANY bigger, i'd hate it. Though when working in ballistic apps with lots of fields, it's pretty epic. The keypad for typing is also WAY nice compared to the 5 I had.

    The screen. oh man the screen!!!! By far the best looking phone I've ever seen. The new gesture system took about 10 seconds to learn. I hate how I have to swipe up to go to home screen after I unlock it with facial recognition...

    Anyway, I feel it's a major upgrade. We'll see how it goes as time passes. :)

  • I have had my 6 for a little over 3 years now. It has slowed tremendously with the latest update...but I think Apple wants it that way. I intend to keep it for at least another year....but might upgrade after that.

  • One thing I'm noticing is that all apps work better on the new phone. They are all faster, look better, and work better. The apps are obviously all optimized for the latest phones. My 5 was screwing up a lot of apps, which I thought were the app's fault. Turns out they were just optimized for newer phones.

    The hornady ballistic app looks perfect on this new phone.

  • That’s not a good thing though, I can’t afford to be updating my phone every year to keep the apps running well.

    A stand alone device looks better all the time, in that regard.

  • I didn't have any problems with my apps on the 5 I had until this year. I think I have had my iphone 5 for nearly 5 years or more. That's a long time to have a device... any device, and still have apps work. Stand alone or otherwise, technology will advance, and you can choose to get new, or stop using.

    The capabilities this phone has weren't even being thought about at the time I bought my iphone 5. It's easy to get upset at the cost of technology, but the reality is that all new and better things cost money. Look at rifles. We constantly advocate the best, and we don't apologize to the guys that have lever guns with iron sights for our precision rifles that cost as much as a decent car.

    I think my iphone 5 was free with a 2yr contract with the service provider. The X cost about 50% of retail just for buying it from the service provider. That means I've had a phone for roughly 5 years and all I've spent is $600 or so on them. The fact that I can compute firing solutions on them means they are worth it to me. All the rest is just a bonus. So just remember to apply reason and logic to all things. ... and you can always choose to simply not use them. No one is forcing anyone to use a cell phone.