Kate Steinlee verdict

  • Those idiots blamed the gun.
    The jury believed it.

    Guilty on Felon in Possession So he will still do more time.

    It just went off is now a valid defense.

    Not if I am on the jury and there is no product defect.

    You own every bullet, and its results.

  • Ricochet, still You own it.
    Involuntary Manslaughter .

  • Good Lawyer though.
    Did his job.
    His demeanor is what carried the jury.
    Don't plan on ever being in San Francisco to need him though.

  • California?


  • The smelly armpit of the State.
    San Francisco.
    Then the victim's own Father wanted to make a political statement.
    They have filled suit against the owner of the gun who had it stolen out of her car.

    Blame anyone but the person holding the weapon for fear of being called a racist.

    Freaking Insanity.

    My CC policy is to not get involved unless my family or myself are directly threatened.

    No way I'm going to be acquitted if an errant bullet hits the wrong person.

    I am not taking the risk of jail for just anyone.

  • said:

    Freaking Insanity.

    No. Not insane at all.

    It is the logical and totally predictable result of a society comprised of the kind of people we have walking around today. No one takes responsibility for anything, largely because someone is looking to sue EVERYONE for anything they can. ... and thanks to our disgustingly corrupt police and justice system, they can sue anyone they want, lie to the police about anyone they want, and there are no repercussions for the prosecutors charging people with no evidence, or the people falsifying reports, or police arresting people for crimes they didn't commit.

    When it happens to you, you'll realize that you're alone. No one will step in front of it for you. No one will call someone and rationally explain the situation. The prosecutor won't have an attack of conscience and stop trying to ruin your life. The police won't come to their senses and tell the truth about the people lying about you. If you don't have hard video evidence with embedded audio proving your version of events... you're fucked.

    ... and because they spend the majority of their time trying to prosecute innocent people for crimes they didn't commit, they won't be able to tell the difference between a case they should press and a case they shouldn't press. ... because they press them all, and because they press them all, citizens on jury's will never have a fucking clue who to trust, so they'll just push their own agendas.

    Trust in law enforcement and government has NEVER been lower in this country than it is right now. ... and it's going to go lower yet. Much lower.