Anschutz 1710 ?

  • I placed an inquiry on a bulletin board on a hunting forum and immediately got a call from a fellow in Houston that has one of these. He no longer shoots it and is in pristine condition or so he claims and I am waiting on pictures to see what kind of offer I should make. What I know about this class of gun you could write on the end of a needle so any ballpark figures that pop up? I looked at some Google pictures and it's a beautiful piece if his looks like the ones I saw. He said it shoots and he has a Weaver fixed power scope that he can sell with it also. I had a hot lead on a 40x 22 and chased it down only to discover it had an extra "2", was a .222 Remington. He had a .243 also and wanted cubic money for either one, sheesh.

  • Orkan has several rimfires including an Annie for sale right now. I would rather buy one that he has confirmed will shoot as opposed to a shot in the dark.

  • Annie's are amazing if I do say so myself! I'm in love with mine. Having seen Greg go through all the trials of finding .22's that shoot amazing over the years, I'd definitely agree with @dddoo7 - getting one that is a confirmed shooter is highly recommended. I'd want targets for proof, not just someone's word, personally.

  • Go for one of those Winchester's I think he has a 52C and 52D. If I did not have 2 40X's and a ULA benchrest 22 I would be all over one.

  • @gash
    When you have gun fever like I get you make hasty decisions so I am just going to have the fever for a while and do some looking. As a matter of fact I may go on a little safari today while I chase down materials for a kitchen cabinet job I have to do after the first of the year. Mix a little business with pleasure.

  • The winchester 52C I have is sold. I still have an anschutz, 2 martini's, a rem 513T, and a win 52D. They are ALL capable of cleaning the rimfire challenge on the right day. Prices are negotiable for my good folks on Gunhive.

    If you're looking for an accurate rimfire, it's not as easy as you might think. I had an anschutz 1712 that didn't shoot for crap. I then had a full custom built on that action, and it still didn't shoot super good. The best shooting Anschutz rifles are going to be the 54.30, which is current production... and the 54.18's, which are not made anymore and difficult to find. They are the only ones with a true heavy match 54 action. The modern 54 match actions are a shell of their former self. The 17 series sporting the fortner toggle action tend to shoot very well. I'll have a fortner and a 54.30 at some point in the future... just because.

    I've spent over 15 years in the pursuit of precise rimfires. Wasted so much money I hate thinking about it. If you'd like to talk this whole thing over, just give me a call.

  • @orkan
    Boy, that 513 got sucked up fast. Thanks, I will keep you in mind before I do something rash. I almost bought a CZ someone spray painted that was cheap enough to put a little money in but passed.

  • @bigfoot said:

    I almost bought a CZ someone spray painted that was cheap enough to put a little money in but passed.

    CZ’s are never cheap enough to put money into. They are real money pits once you get started. I had one upgraded to the max and still wouldn’t shoot great. It was a precision trainer...and I put more money in it after I bought it than the initial $900 purchase price. You really want to start with a better foundation than the cz action.

  • @bigfoot Definitely listen to @dddoo7 on this. CZ's that are extremely accurate are rare. CZ's that are precise, are plentiful. That means you can easily find one that will cluster shots into a nice little group, but you will play hell trying to find one that will put those tight little clusters in the same place each time you get behind the rifle.

    There are simply not very many modern production rifles that can shoot like the target rifles of old.