Thanksgiving Day Buck

  • A short video I made of a mature buck that was with a large group of does and younger bucks. There was another big one with him but I never got a good shot with the camera and he disappeared. The rut is on right now in South Texas just too bad it's not a little cooler but next week I think we will get a taste of winter.

  • Boy he wasn’t too sure about you moving that camera. Good looking deer!

  • Pretty nice, might be a little to young to shoot though. He’s close.

  • @rhyno
    He's getting there. Maybe next year he will grow some brow points and get some more width. Some damn fool will knock him down. I don't think he had a clue we were watching him. Friday he came within forty yards of our window and I was too lazy to get up and turn the camera on. My wife got a bunch of still shots that might show better detail.

  • Those moments are awesome, I got to watch a young forkhorn for awhile before I shot my buck, close enough to touch him at times.

  • I fixed your post so the video would embed.

    Was that a DSLR shutter I heard clicking? I bet you got some good pics!

    Like you said, that's a nice deer. One more year and he'll be a real shooter. He'll put on that mass he's missing. Thanks for sharing!

  • @orkan

    Canon Rebel T6I going off in the background. Sounded like a Trump press conference in there. This entire video was around six minutes and finally I asked "How many pictures are you gonna take?". I think in two mornings she shot 365 at deer and no telling how many at birds. We shoot through glass so the quality is not quite as good as if we were outside and the autofocus can get you in trouble too. She's using the demo lens that came with the camera but it gets some good pictures. I have another lens with a 2x converter but it's heavy and needs to be on a tripod to use. Using a camera in my opinion is harder than shooting a gun, you better be ready to shoot because your targets don't always cooperate. That T6 will do same amazing things if you know how to use it.

  • Yup, they are really awesome, and good pictures are compelling. I love my DSLR :) I have a T3i body.