Leupold, the marketing company.

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    Once upon a time, Leupold actually produced some quality equipment. Now it seems they spend all their money on marketing, rather than products. It has been at least 6-7 years since Leupold offered anything which couldn't be had from a competing company for less money. This is very disappointing, especially considering they are one of the few optics companies out there with the financial resources and the workforce to produce some really great products.

    I know some of you reading this are thinking "Leupold does produce good scopes." To that, I would only suggest that you broaden your horizons a bit and get some experience behind a few other brands. Leupold scopes offer lackluster features, mushy turrets, and unimpressive optics compared to many other offerings available today.

    Just the other day I got a call from a customer that received his Tangent Theta TT525P from us. He let his friend who owns a Leupold MK8 use it a bit. That guy hopped on the wait list for a TT right there, and will be selling his MK8. Considering the price of the MK8's, that should give every prospective MK8 buyer pause. There are people out there (like me) that have used all these scopes, and know exactly what the differences are between them. This isn't a matter of "user preference" many times. This is simply a matter of what is better vs what is worse. Most of it is pretty easy to quantify.

    I have no doubt that Leupold still has a place in the industry among the casual shooters among us. Though among the high-end and more serious shooters, they haven't had a competitive option in quite some time. I hope someone at Leupold reads this, and takes it to heart. I'd like to see things change for the better!

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    Indeed. I do not own a TT scope but I do have Leupolds and Nightforce Scopes. I will not buy another Leupold. I like NF glass.

  • I like Leupold as a hunting rifle scope, but then again I purchased them back in the late 80's and early 90's. I would not purchase a Leupold today, they are way behind the tech curve.