What are you willing to sacrifice?

  • What are you willing to sacrifice to support the Constitution of the United States?

    It's a real question. Yet when I look around at many of the people that own firearms whom are suppose to be on "my side," I don't see many people of resolve. They don't seem willing to sacrifice ANYTHING to secure the future of this country, or at the very least give the tiniest bit of opposition to our enemies.

    I've refused to use Facebook since several years ago when they shut down the first gun-related websites. Their most recent round of that same activity prompted me to post on other websites telling people to stop using their services. Gun owners came out of the woodwork in opposition of me, saying things like "If we refused to patronize businesses that were anti-gun, we wouldn't get to go anywhere." They said "We should use that website anyway, so then we can get them to see that we aren't bad people."

    The responses sickened me. People are so complacent that they don't even know what kind of fight we are in, and who we are in it against. Facebook is a big part of their lives, and they would rather patronize that website than stand for what they claim to believe in. If every single gun owner stopped going to facebook today, they would take notice. You can bet your ass they would feel the absence of 100 million people on their website. Yet that kind of mobilization will never happen because people seem unwilling to make any concessions at all to ensure our freedom. People literally approach this as if they have no option other than to patronize anti-gun businesses.

    Not being one to lead a charge from the back of the formation... allow me to get to the point. Tonight I saw this:

    A bunch of movie stars living the most comfortable lives imaginable, publicly supporting the anti-gun lobby by taking part in this disgusting propaganda video. Something occurred to me. I still watch and have watched some of the movies that these human shitbags have been in. Watching movies and things via satellite is a family endeavor for us. It's an opportunity for us to all stop doing what we are doing, and just be together for a bit. However, in doing so, we clearly have supported these disgusting people and their twisted views. Our viewing of their movies, however insignificant we may be, has lined the pockets of not only those ridiculously illogical actors, but the huge anti-gun lobby which is hollywood in it's entirety. The same hollywood, that pumps out action movies showing as much gun play and killing as they can. Even if we don't watch the specific movies of those openly anti-gun actors, there isn't a single hollywood company that is not anti-gun is there?

    I wonder if my family and I have what it takes to stop watching movies? I wonder if we did, if anyone else would follow us? I wonder if that feeling of "what I do doesn't matter anyway, so I might as well enjoy myself" is the reason our fight for freedom falls on deaf ears? If we lack the conviction to sacrifice a little entertainment to support the Constitution, why should anyone give weight to anything we say?

    Just exactly when will it be bad enough where we collectively say that those whom oppose us will not see one more dime from us?

    Ragnarnar here has started a list of anti-gun companies. There is not much point in starting a list of anti-gun actors if they all work for anti-gun companies, is there? Is there a point of having a list of these anti-gun companies at all if no one has the resolve to stop funding their campaigns against us by using their services and patronizing their businesses?

    I wonder... who here has the resolve to give up anything in your comfortable lives to stand for what you believe in?

  • By choice I will not support any anti business or organization; however, inadvertently it will happen. I haven't watched television in years and when I find out any entity is an anti they go on my shit list.
    I got to say here there are some resources owned by anti companies, youtube, for example that actually can and is used to combat the noise of the hoplophobes (and other mentally ill lib horse shit) for now, we'll see how long that lasts.
    Being a pretty private person, Facebook, twitter and social media in general never excited me.

    I fill out forms and write testimony stating my position on the legislation being considered both local and national. Done it for many years. Join the NRA and The GOA , I encourage others to do the same regardless of the effort seemingly being to no avail. Politicians need numbers, if all the gun owners in the US spoke in unity there would be no listening to the antis. Politicians and companies would be pandering to the gun owners, 100 million strong.
    Does that say what I'm willing to sacrifice? Not really.....it is time spent on an effort to perpetuate something I consider essential to the survival of this country. Unfortunately the mental illness that permeates our society is being sold as the norm. That doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling for this country's future.