Not my president.


    Donald J. Trump

    Big-game trophy decision will be announced next week but will be very hard pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of Elephants or any other animal.
    5:57 PM - Nov 19, 2017

    Following the highly publicized accidental killing of a lion some years ago the Obama administration put a ban on the importation of animal trophies, in an attempt to discourage African trophy hunters. A few days ago, President Trump seemed poised to reverse an Obama era ban on the importation of big game trophies. Now it looks like Trump may allow that restriction to remain in place. The President even went as far as to call trophy hunting a “horror show.”

    So many people told me that upon the election of Trump, we were about to finally see a pro-gun administration fighting to bring freedom back to the people of this nation. I was quite skeptical. If you look back at my posts pre-election, you can see me say many times that I believed it would be "business as usual" and God-loving freedom-embracing people in this country would continue to get the shaft.

    Trump has once again proved me right. Only the most ignorant among us can not see the obvious outcome of what happens to an area when wealthy Americans refuse to go. The people in these areas of Africa hardest hit, have begged American's to come back, as their lands and people are being destroyed by poachers and other undesirables. The lack of stability brought on by the absence of business brings predictable consequences.

    Only the worst kind of corporate city-dwelling elitist can be ignorant of this fact. Before the election I said I was hoping to be proven wrong, but was not hopeful of positive change. Now I can say with certainty that trump and his ilk are no friends of mine. It's been business as usual in Washington... and unrelenting greed draped in ignorance is still at the wheel.

    We didn't elect a good man. We only elected the lesser evil. ...and evil, is still evil no matter the dose. The only "horror show" I see, is the government, in all its forms.

  • Exactly right on.
    Voting for Trump was not an easy thing to do, I didn’t trust him on many things, he is a Democrat.

    Democrats keep winning and Republicans continue to lose despite having all three groups of government.

    I’m ready to vote them all out.

  • This is exactly the conversation I was having with my wife yesterday about this. I don't know how much it costs to go to Africa to hunt for elephants, lions, or other African big game, but with white tail leases in TX going for $15,000, I assume someone can easily spend north of $30,000 USD on an African hunt. With that stupid ban, there are a lot of people in Africa that are going to be hurting, as the most logical outcome is exactly what Greg says, poachers are going to kill the animals to sell the ivory but the rest of the animal will benefit no one and the funds from licenses, lodging, food, services, etc. will never go to those communities that desperately need it.

    I keep on hearing about the horrors of trophy hunting, and although I have never hunted for trophies nor ever will, I am sick about people telling me about the "poor animals" being killed for sport and it's those same idiots that keep on supporting and pushing for more abortion, which kills a human being. So when these liberal idiots can stand next to me and denounce the senseless killing of our most innocent and defenseless, then I'll give more of a crap about the animals.