Martini MKII w/ Unertl 2" 24x Target Scope - $2400

  • Another beautiful and capable Martini for sale here. This one has a period correct Unertl 24x 2" Target model optic.

    Here's the view through the optic at 50yds. The two groups right and left just below the crosshair are with Lapua Center X. Shot the one on the right, and the rifle showed itself to be a shooter. I really went after the next group on the left and it confirmed that it is indeed a shooter! I had 4 shots through the same hole... group would have been in the zero's for sure... then a little gust showed up and I didn't see it which pulled round 5 out the left side of the group.



    It's not just every day you'll find a martini completely setup with an Unertl. Look at that image through the scope!!!! There are optics being sold for $2000 today that can't match the clarity these Unertl's produce. ... and that's through a crappy iphone 5 camera! Usually you're left to track down all the scope bases yourself for these rifles, and then trying to find a really good Unertl can be tough. So many of them have been "bubba-smithed." This is a fully functioning bonafide piece of old steel and wood that is fully capable on the paper.


  • I have always been impressed with the clarity of the unertl scopes I have and they are not the high end models.

  • @dddoo7 Edge to edge clarity... with no fish eye, distortion, or loss of resolution. They truly are amazing. Their physical size and fixed magnification are easily dealt with on target rifles.

  • Love the " 8 tons per square inch " stamp

  • That is what a long focal length does for the image.
    Less bending necessary for the longer focal length means less chromatic aberration.
    Can use a thinner lens which improves clarity because of less glass and potential impurities getting in the way.
    Fixed power keeps it simple too.

    I missed a 40X in 30-06 with a 20X Unertl on Gunbroker 3 years ago and it went for $1400...
    Didn't check my bid.

    Awesome shots.