Anti Gun groups targeting Muzzleloaders

  • Close on her heels this week was the recently-rebranded “Giffords” gun control consortium, which released a report that used the current debate over firearm legislation to … well, advocate for gun bans, too. But the Giffords report went well beyond the usual gun control talking points in extending its attack all the way to muzzle loading firearms. From the modern to the archaic, no gun is safe from the newly-emboldened prohibition lobby.

    But muzzleloaders -- which fire one shot at a time and must be laboriously loaded through by hand down the barrel – can deliver what “Giffords” calls “a particularly lethal .50 caliber round” and are therefore unacceptable as well.

    Yea Orkan I don’t think Logic will enter the debate anytime soon.

  • I view this as a victory.

    They are abandoning the "no sporting purposes" bullshit and talking publicly about TOTAL gun bans. I prefer the idiots to be blatant about their idiocy rather than using clever mechanisms and catch phrases to entice the lower end of the population.

    They've been quite successful at that. Consider for a moment just how many MILLIONS of americans would sign a complete and total gun ban right now. Millions would do it without a second thought. Those mindless drones have been happy to follow the ban train because they always drew a line between "dangerous fully semi-automatic weapons" and those muzzle loaders this country was won with. So if they now want to come from the shadows and push what we've all known they always wanted... they'll lose a good portion of their base.

    Yet despite any real progress in the fight to recover our lost rights in this country, I'm reminded that no matter where I go... I can look to my right and look to my left, and I'll be surrounded by people that would sell my freedom for the price of next month's satellite dish payment.