Walther Moving Target rifle

  • Sorry fellas... this one is MINE!

    This is the rarest target 22lr I have ever had the opportunity to buy. It took me 7 years to purchase my Anschutz 54.18 MSR... but this Walther I could wait my entire life for and not ever find one. The wood is in near-perfect condition, as is the metal, other than at 12 O'clock position at the end of the muzzle where the factory muzzle weights were held on by set screws.

    The trigger is every bit as good as the coveted 5018 which is found in the Anschutz 54 action'd match rifles of the day. It's a 2-stage affair with very good ergo's.



    It's topped with a weaver fixed 6x with a super-fine plex with target dot, and of course an adjustable objective. It's really about the perfect setup for a silhouette style rifle such as this.

    Looks, rarity, age, cool factor... it's all there. Guess what else?


    It's a laser!

  • Never heard of it, but looks pretty neat.

  • Shot the walther some more this afternoon. Thing is so fun. I took a pic through the scope so you could see the weaver fine plex/dot. It's very fun to shoot. Turned out some tiny groups again. The rifle likes center X pretty well.

    So difficult to get a good reticle/scope picture. Obviously it looks a lot better than this in person.


  • Very thin reticle.

  • @rhyno Yup. The little dot in the center is about 1/4" at 50yds.

  • My Burris Mini 6X Fine plex dot is similar.
    The Dot is the same size a a 22LR hole at 50 yards.

  • @orkan that is a sweet looking gun man, congrats.

  • Oh so fun to shoot. It's interesting trying to shoot these targets with a 6x optic. This rifle has the potential to clean this target. Just need to get some good conditions and a bit of experience shooting it.


  • Took it out for a photo shoot!




  • I played with the trigger a bit today and learned a few things.

    The trigger is solid competition to the 5018 in my 54.18 anschutz rifles. Insanely clean breaking, nice and light. It is a bit different in setup, which is kind of neat in its own right. It can be setup as a single stage, or a quasi-two stage. It's a bit difficult to describe, as you can set it up as a single stage, or you can introduce "travel" before you break the single stage. This pre-travel is not creep, but rather slack in the trigger before it breaks. If you dial the pre-travel screw all the way down, it will behave as a normal single stage. The pull weight screw only seems to adjust the pre-travel, so if you have it setup as a single stage, its about an 8oz trigger. If you set it up with pre-travel, and have the pull weight all the way up, you'll take up the first stage and because the pull weight matches the force required to break it, it will just fire. Quite interesting. If you reduce the pull weight, you can feel the second stage, just barely.

  • sure is purdy.

  • Turns out this rifle isn't a Running Boar model... but a Moving Target. Even older and even more rare.


    You can see the Running Boar has the front grip stippling line at the back straight up and down, while the Moving Target has the little swept portion at the bottom, and also the adjustable cheek wasn't present on the Running Boar.

  • But isn't a running Boar also a Moving target? :-P
    How do you adjust the cheek piece? I don't see the thumb wheel on your model's photos?

  • That is part of what makes mine so infinitely rare.

    There is a single hex screw at the bottom... you loosen it, and then you have to put a spacer under the center pillar of the comb. Not optimal from a functionality standpoint, but so incredibly rare that it's quite cool, on something like this.

  • When Orkan has to look it up it is really rare.

  • I need to find a set of barrel weights from the correct period for this rifle.

  • Ask around at Target Talk.


  • Had the walther out today for a bit. Got a new lot number of center X and wanted to see how it would do with it. Seems to do very well! One got out the top on me, otherwise it was a knot!