Anschutz Match 54 w/ aperture sights - $1500

  • HgqcbjXh.jpg

    This is one of the most impressive Match 54's I've seen. Usually these rifles have the wood all dinged up from decades of hard match use. The barrel beyond the stock has some minor surface imperfections... but other than that this thing is immaculate. I took the aperture's off and mounted a scope for group and it shot in the .2's and .3's with lapua center X without much effort. I put the apertures back on and took some pictures, then the wind kicked up to about 25mph and ripped my target off... so I was unable to get pics. Suffice it to say that this rifle is the real deal.

  • That is beautiful. Sad thing is...I had more than that in my CZ and it still wouldn’t shoot well.

  • @dddoo7 Yes, a guy can spend a LOT MORE than this and end up with nothing. I did it many times. I paid $1400 for a sako quad that didn't shoot half as good as this one does.

  • That is exactly what I'm looking for.
    Wrong time of year though.

    What trigger does it have?
    Non adjustable cheek?

    Just got that neat handgun.

  • Non-adjustable cheek. Looks and feels like a 5018 trigger.

  • 12-15mph 6:00 wind today, but I stuck a scope back on this rifle to shoot the rimfire challenge anyway.



    If you want to buy it with the scope, we can work something out.

  • I'm about to go list this on gunbroker... but before I did I just wanted to bump this.

    ... this rifle shoots crazy crazy good. It's in great shape, and it's a historic Anschutz. Guys, be double sure you aren't in the market for a good trainer rifle before you pass this up.

  • To gunbroker it went.

  • ... and its sold. :(

  • Well congrats on the quick sale, I have a feeling that you wouldn’t have minded it staying around a little longer.