New 600yd record with 6 Dasher



    This group was shot at 600 yards in competition by Fred Dobson at a recent NBRSA match in Oregon. The X-Ring is 1.2″ in diameter. Perfectly centered for a 50-5X, this Light Gun target should be a new NBRSA record, pending approval. The previous Score record was Ken Schroeder’s 50-4X.

    Tri-Valley Gun Club TVGC Portland OregonFred’s 600-yard group is also amazingly small. Using On-Target Software, we measured Fred’s five-shot group at 0.738″, which is a tiny 0.118 MOA at 600 yards.

  • Wow, to think people on the internet do that with such regularity.

  • Easy to do when no one is around I guess.

  • On a serious note that is truly an outstanding group.

    6 Dasher looks like an awesome round.

  • @rhyno The last piece of the dasher puzzle is factory brass. Norma tried and failed. Lapua or alpha needs to do it.

    Though even if you have to form, it's still worth it.

  • What is it formed out of?

  • @rhyno 6BR.


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