List: Anti 2nd Amendment Companies

  • Gentlemen,
    My hope here is to start a list of companies that oppose the second amendment. The intent is to list companies that are anti gun and if an appropriate (gun friendly) alternative exists put it out there for the community. In the spirit of the intent of this forum, I feel that anything stated here should be supported, either with links, screenshots or what-have-you or be readily verifiable.

    When I say Anti gun, I don't mean places that have given you a bad experience with, or companies that may have other motives (Cheaper than dirt, Troy Ind.) but those companies (Facebook, Ebay) that actually have it in their policy and have been demonstrated to, oppose civilian ownership of firearms.

    We are out funded, on the order of BILLIONS of dollars by these entities that want to destroy our way of life that is not only essential to our survival as free Americans but given to us by the highest law in the land.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    If you're here you probably have a vested interest in gun ownership, and while I realize that it isn't practical or possible to avoid them all the time, we should all do our part to hit them where it hurts (their wallets) whenever possible .

    Respectfully submitted for your consideration,
    Rangers Lead the Way

    Openly Anti 2nd Amendment Companies (as of 6/16/16):

    TEAM WENDY and Subsidiaries (Thanks Rhyno)

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    Paypal is a owned by Ebay

    Paypal has done some shady shit.
    This is a snip from their legal policy, find the original here:
    ........relate to transactions involving (a) narcotics, steroids, certain controlled substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety, (b) drug paraphernalia, (c) cigarettes, (d) items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, (e) stolen goods including digital and virtual goods, (f) the promotion of hate, violence, racial intolerance or the financial exploitation of a crime, (g) items that are considered obscene, (h) items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction, (i) certain sexually oriented materials or services, (j) ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or (k) certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law.

    You might argue that this means you're ok selling some gun related stuff. I say you're with us or against us.

    A quick google search will turn up people who have had their accounts frozen due to them doing something the libtards at paypal deem unacceptable and related to guns.

    As an alternative for online payment I suggest Dwolla. I have used this service in the past, as far as I can tell it's a viable contender to paypal.
    This is their legal page
    I've looked and haven't been able to find anyone with issues involving firearms and dwolla. As far as I can find they only have issues with drugs, whores and gambling.

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  • I pinned this topic. Great idea!

    Keep a running list by editing your first post ragnarnar.

    Google, Facebook, Home Depot... and I have to run right now, but it won't be hard populating this list.


    This one we all know is anti gun, lets just get it out of the way
    Facebook bows to Obama and bans private gun sales, confirming what we already know (Mark Zuckerberg and his comrades are all liberal lap dogs)
    This was buried in their legalese

    Regulated Goods
    We prohibit any attempts by unauthorized dealers to purchase, sell, or trade prescription drugs, marijuana, firearms or ammunition. If you post an offer to purchase or sell alcohol, tobacco, or adult products, we expect you to comply with all applicable laws and carefully consider the audience for that content. We do not allow you to use Facebook's payment tools to sell or purchase regulated goods on our platform.

    Heres the link

    Work some google foo (actually not google, they're anti gun too) and you'll find multiple gun companies who have had their pages shut down by Facebook.

    As for an alternative? I don't do any of this social media shit. Turn off the computer and go outside (and shoot).

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    Google is in fact, anti gun. (Bing and Yahoo too) This is going to be a change for most of us. Google is the default search engine for most people/providers/websites.

    As an example to those who don't know what I mean:

    1. go to
    2. type 'ruger sr9'
    3. press enter
    4. in the left search option bar click "shopping"
      You won't find a gun in there. Just holsters and other accessories

    Here is the letter google sent to people using ADWords (google shopping)

    This is from the firearmblog, read the original because they go into more detail than I do:

    Dear Merchant,

    We’re writing to let you know about some upcoming changes to the product listings you submit to Google. As we recently announced, we are starting to transition our shopping experience to a commercial model that builds on Product Listing Ads. This new shopping experience is called Google Shopping. As part of this transition, we’ll begin to enforce a set of new policies for Google Shopping in the coming weeks. A new list of the allowed, restricted, and prohibited products on Google Shopping is available on our new policy page –

    Based on a review of the products you’re currently submitting, it appears that some of the content in your Merchant Center account, HamLund Tactical, will be affected by these policy changes. In particular we found that your products may violate the following policies:


    When we make this change, Google will disapprove all of the products identified as being in violation of policies. We ask that you make any necessary changes to your feeds and/or site to comply, so that your products can continue to appear on Google Shopping.

    To help you through this new set of policies and how to comply with them, we would like to give you some specific suggestions regarding the changes needed to keep your offers running on Google Shopping.


    As highlighted on our new policy page, in order to comply with the Google Shopping policies you need to comply first with the AdWords policies We do not allow the promotion or sale of weapons and any related products such as ammunitions or accessory kits on Google Shopping. In order to comply with our new policies, please remove any weapon-related products from your data feed and then re-submit your feed in the Merchant Center. For more information on this policy please visit

    We’re constantly reviewing our policies, and updating them when necessary, to ensure we’re offering the best experience possible to our users. We’ve identified a set of policy principles to govern our policy efforts on Google Shopping in the U.S. These principles are:

    1. Google Shopping should provide a positive experience to users.
      Showing users the right products at the right time can truly enhance a user’s experience. When people trust us to deliver them to a destination that’s relevant, original, and easy to navigate this creates a positive online experience to the benefit of both users and merchants.

    2 ) Google Shopping should be safe for all users.
    User safety is everyone’s business, and we can’t do business with those who don’t agree. Scams, phishing, viruses, and other malicious activities on the Internet damage the value of the Internet for everyone. Trying to get around policies or “game the system” is unfair to our users, and we can’t allow that.

    1. Google Shopping should comply with local laws and regulations.
      Many products and services are regulated by law, which can vary from country to country. All advertising, as well as the products and services being advertised, must clearly comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
      For the most part, our policies aren’t designed to describe every law in every country. All advertisers bear their own responsibility for understanding the laws applicable to their business. Our policies are often more restrictive than the law, because we need to be sure we can offer services that are legal and safe for all users.

    2. Google Shopping should be compatible with Google’s brand decisions.
      Google Shopping must be compatible with company brand decisions. Our company has a strong culture and values, and we’ve chosen not to allow ads that promote products and services that are incompatible with these values. In addition, like all companies, Google sometimes makes decisions based on technical limitations, resource constraints, or requirements from our business partners. Our policies reflect these realities.

    We’ve given much thought to our stance on this content, as well as the potential effect our policy decision could have on our Merchants, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


    The Google Shopping Team

    © 2012 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043
    You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Merchant Center account.

    I think Firefox is gun friendly. Its not a corporation (or it used not to be) so it doesn't make money the way google does, and as such I feel ok using it.
    I can't back that up though. I'd like other users input here as to what they use for gun friendly browsing.

    For the ambitious,
    Also I'd recommend that people learn about both Tor browsing (anonymity online; this can be combined with VPN Tunnels for more privacy) and PGP email (massively over encrypted email). I hope it never does, but it may become a requirement someday if we wish to continue to speak freely regarding our rights.

    Threes enough for tonight. I'll keep going later tomorrow. Lets get some other input here

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    I've been wading through a ton of legalese crap trying to find anything in their policy that explicitly bans firearms. Because I'm not an advertiser I can't find anyway to view their actual legal policy.

    This is a quote found on the 2A check blog:

    “Consistent with long standing NBC policies, Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward,” he said in an email. “This policy aligns us with the guidelines in place at many media organizations.”

    Firefox it (doesn't roll off the tongue the way Google does) and you'll find articles and anecdotes referring to their anti gun policy.

    Also a thread from the company help website

    Re: Company position on anti-gun movement
    Comcast Policy:

    Consistent with long standing NBC policies, Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward. This policy aligns us with the guidelines in place at many media organizations.

    Since this forum is for help and support of Comcast products, I am locking this thread.

    Joe Support

    They can't win with words so they censor us.
    Look them up
    Their web is so far reaching they're everywhere and almost impossible to avoid. Take a look at the link just to see how far they go.

    Also comcast is pretty consistently voted "most evil company in the world"
    Heres why, the second link spells out the corruption involved.

    It goes further than that, I'll have to find the links later, but comcast has numerous people in the federal goverment with known links to NBC.

    Its bullshit and I hate it.

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    There are a few lists like that around. That should give you a nice leg up on getting a good list going.

  • Haven't forgot , sometimes life does get in the way.


    Don't eat a panera bread folks, they're anti gun. I've eaten there prior to that, I wasn't that impressed so its not like we're missing out on a lot. I can eat healthy at home where I don't pay a premium for it.

    It's pretty straight forward, don't bring guns to our restaurants, but hey we can't keep you safe either.

    Hows this for tragic irony?

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  • Never heard of this company until today.

    Add Team Wendy to the list.

  • Yeah I saw that. Shame too, I liked their helmet harnesses when they were issued to me.

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  • Just a full list of Team Wendy sister companies.


    Turns out this asswipe has nothing to do with Anheuser-Busch anymore... so this doesn't look to be the company line for budweiser and the like.

    This guy takes a family company, that has been family owned and operated for 150 years plus... and sells it. THAT is the kind of asshole he is. So of course he has no clue about the Constitution. He hasn't a singular thought for anything other than the accumulation of money.

  • @orkan they own a crap ton of products as well.

    It makes sense since they were bought out by some European group.

  • Need to add Bufalo Wild Wings and Levi to the list.

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