Martini MKII w/ Unertl Tube Sight (adjustable aperture) - $1200

  • Martini MKII w/ Unertl Tube Sight (adjustable aperture) - $1200


    The Unertl tube sight on this rifle is so ridiculously rare that I've never even seen one like it before. The rifle itself has some beautiful wood and the metal is quite good for a rifle this old. I can't shoot aperture sights very well due to laser surgery some time back, but the rifle was printing sub .5" groups at 50yds easily. An accomplished aperture shooter could no doubt make it perform better.

    These rifles I'll be selling are your chance to own a true piece of history, without the normal risk. These old rifles tend to have some critical flaw which can require parts that are almost impossible to get. Each of these rifles, I'll be shooting and going over myself. I had the handguard off this rifle, and the metal beneath was absolutely flawless... so it's good to go. No hidden surprises. I recently purchased a Martini MKII that had a broken extractor. Were it not for my relationship with an avid MKII enthusiast, I have no idea what that would have taken to fix.

    So here's your chance at a beautiful MKII with one of the rarest aperture sights around sporting the POSA mounts from Unertl. ... the very best available at the time.

  • Is the hole in the back of the breach and the slot in the cheek rest to allow for a cleaning rod to pass through?

  • @hypo Correct!